Udemy - SAP Security Administration 2020
SAP Security Administration

Udemy – SAP Security Administration 2020


SAP Security Administration is a training solution for SAP software solutions published by Yodemi Academy. SAP security experts and consultants form a critical part of the SAP software cycle. SAP Security is a set of balancing programs and actions that aim to protect SAP data and applications from unauthorized and malicious access by unauthorized persons.

In general, SAP has different tools and criteria for security analysis and application review, each of which has a specific application. SAP security is also used in the division of tasks and access levels of users and different system operators and ensures that each user has access to the maximum tools and facilities they need.

What you will learn in the SAP Security Administration course:

  • Skills required for consulting in the field of security of SAP software solutions
  • Architecture and technical model of SAP applications
  • Identify minimum security requirements
  • Manage and secure the process of implementing and configuring new SAP tools
  • Manage and maintain SAP systems
  • Security analysis of SAP applications and systems
  • Determining the level of access of users and authentication and managing their entry and exit

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemi
Instructor: SAP Buddy
Language: English
Education Level: Basic to Advanced
Number of Courses: 39
Training Duration: 26 hours and 58 minutes

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Course topics


 SAP Security Administration

Prerequisites for the SAP Security Administration course

SAP NetWeaver Fundamentals

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 SAP Security Administration

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