Udemy - Simulation using ANSYS - Fluent English version 2021
Simulation using ANSYS

Udemy – Simulation using ANSYS – Fluent English version 2021


Simulation using ANSYS – Fluent English version is a project-based training course on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with ANSYS Fluent software, published by Udemi Academy.

ANSYS workbench software has undergone many changes since version R19.2 and the software graphical user interface has changed in general. In this regard, each of the topics in both versions of the software is explained so that those who use older versions can also benefit from this training course.

Videos related to old and new versions are categorized as R181 and R193 so that the user can easily distinguish between the two videos. The general contents of both videos are the same and only the user interface and the way of working with the software are different.

This training course is not recommended for beginners and inexperienced people, and participants should be familiar with the minimums and principles of fluid dynamics. The software interface in the old and new versions has unique options and options that you must remember to work with.

This training course is completely project-oriented and during the training process, you will participate in the process of designing and developing 34 different projects. During the design of each of these projects, you will get acquainted with the new tools and capabilities of Ansys software and you will learn valuable points.

What you will learn in the Simulation course using ANSYS – Fluent English version:

  • Draw 2D and 3D models with Spaceclaim
  • Mesh for different models and measure their quality
  • CFX-Pre and ANSYS Fluent installation process
  • Design of different types of industrial models such as heat transfer models, supersonic flow, solar load, and…
  • View professional model previews in CFD-Post and ANSYS Fluent

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Course specifications

Publisher: Udemi
Instructor: Hussien Hafez
Language: English
Level of Education: Basic to Advanced
Number of Courses: 83
Duration of Training: 35 hours and 19 minutes

Simulation using ANSYS Course topics


Simulation using ANSYS

Prerequisites for the Simulation course using ANSYS – Fluent English version

Fluid dynamics basic knowledge

ANSYS 18.1 or later installed on your PCs

Simulation using ANSYS Course pictures


Simulation using ANSYS

Simulation using ANSYS Installation guide

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