Udemy – Spring Boot E-Commerce Ultimate Course 2022
Spring Boot E-Commerce

Udemy – Spring Boot E-Commerce Ultimate Course 2022


Spring Boot E-Commerce Ultimate Course is a training course to build a real online store web application using Java Spring Boot, Thymeleaf, Bootstrap, jQuery, and HTML. By completing this course, you will gain tremendous hands-on programming experience and become a professional Java web developer.

What you will learn in Spring Boot E-Commerce Ultimate Course:

  • Development of an online store website using Java, Spring Boot, Thymeleaf, Bootstrap, jQuery, and MySQL database
  • Admin program coding to manage users, categories, brands, products, customers, orders, and purchase reports
  • Coding a shopping app that allows the customer to browse products.
  • Features of the shopping cart and shopping by PayPal and bank cards
  • Using Spring Data JPA with Hibernate for layered data access
  • Using Spring security for user role-based authentication and validation
  • Use Thymeleaf template engine to build dynamic web
  • Using Bootstrap and jQuery to build interactive and mobile-friendly web pages
  • Using Spring RESTful web services in combination with jQuery on the client side
  • Using the PayPal Checkout API for shopping integration
  • Using JUnit, Spring Test, AssertJ, and Mockito for integration tests
  • Application development on the Heroku cloud platform and file upload on Amazon S3
  • Use Spring OAuth for single sign-on with Facebook and Google
  • Using Spring Mail to send emails for customer registration and order confirmation

Course details

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: Nam Ha Minh
Language: English
Education Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Courses: 303 Courses
Duration: 82 hours and 56 minutes

Spring Boot E-Commerce Course topics on June 2022:

Spring Boot E-Commerce


Spring Boot E-Commerce Ultimate Course prerequisites:

Know fundamentals of Java web development with Servlet, Spring and Hibernate frameworks
Know basic web development with HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap and jQuery
Know core database concepts with MySQL


Spring Boot E-Commerce

Installation guide

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The 2021/10 version compared to 2021/6 has increased the content by 31 lessons (8 sections) and about 21 hours.

The 2022/4 version has increased the number of 43 lessons and the duration of 11 hours and 57 minutes compared to 2021/10.

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