Udemy – SwiftUI Masterclass 2022 – iOS App Development & Swift 2022
SwiftUI Masterclass 2022

Udemy – SwiftUI Masterclass 2022 – iOS App Development & Swift 2022


SwiftUI Masterclass 2022 – iOS App Development & Swift is a training course on iOS 14 app development from basic to advanced levels using Xcode, SwiftUI 2, and Swift 5. Since it would be time-consuming to produce more than 50 hours of high-quality training videos, half of the course has already been released in the 2021 version. With the help of this course, you will learn SwiftUI 2.0 and you can create wonderful apps for iOS 14, iPad and even Apple watches.

What you will learn in SwiftUI Masterclass 2022 – iOS App Development & Swift:

  • Development of iOS 14 iPhone and iPad apps with beautiful layout and design
  • Learn the Swift 5.3 programming language including essential iOS development skills
  • How to save and load data on iPhone and iPad using Data Core and SwiftUI
  • How to retrieve data from internal and external JSON using Web APIs
  • Master in Apple’s latest user interface framework – SwiftUI application development
  • iOS 14 full app development using SwiftUI 2
  • Basic program design and prototyping skills
  • Build a custom UI using SwiftUI 2
  • How to publish apps to the App Store
  • Interaction and beautiful in-app animations
  • Xcode 12 tricks for iOS app development
  • How to integrate data with CloudKit

Course details

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: Robert Petras
Language: English
Education Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Courses: 174 Courses
Duration: 30 hours and 44 minutes

SwiftUI Masterclass 2022 Course topics for June 2022:

SwiftUI Masterclass 2022


SwiftUI Masterclass 2022 Course prerequisites:

Xcode 13 from Apple (free)
macOS Monterey or Big Sure from Apple (free)
Willing to create awesome apps by following the instructor step by step
You do not need any other prior programming experience or knowledge



SwiftUI Masterclass 2022

Installation guide

After Extract, view it with your favorite Player.

English subtitle

Quality: 720p


The 2021/6 version has increased the number of 24 lessons and about 4 hours compared to 2021/1.

The 2021/10 version has increased the number of 12 lessons (1 section) and about 2.5 hours compared to 2021/6. (Also, other sections have had slight changes)

Version 2022/1 has increased the number of 11 lessons and the duration of 1 hour and 31 minutes compared to 2021/10, and its quality has been reduced from 1080p to 720p.

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Download part 1 – 3 GB
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Download part 3 – 3 GB
Download part 4 – 2.56 GB
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