Udemy - The C ++ 20 Masterclass: From Fundamentals to Advanced 2022
C ++ 20 Masterclass

Udemy – The C ++ 20 Masterclass: From Fundamentals to Advanced 2022


The C ++ 20 Masterclass: From Fundamentals to Advanced is one of the most complete courses available for the C ++ programming language, covering all the basics and advanced topics. This course has a practical approach to the content taught and carefully teaches all the topics used in the modern job market and programming.

C ++ is a very powerful and influential programming language that is used in various fields such as gaming, advanced financial and economic applications, server software modules, network software infrastructure, databases,s, and even operating systems. C ++ applications are not just for commercial use, and even other programming languages ​​such as Java, NodeJS, PHP, and JavaScript are written in this language.

The process of this training course will start from very basic topics and will end with advanced topics such as algorithms, templates, etc. At the end of this course, you will be able to work with the new and comprehensive versions of C ++, ie versions 11 to 20. In this course, you will not only be satisfied with new versions but you will also be taught methods and tools to read and understand older code more deeply.

In planning and compiling raw educational content, special attention is paid to new users and those who have no experience in the field of programming and computer science have been in the center of attention of the instructor. In this regard, new and new users are familiar with almost all the basic and advanced mechanisms and tools of C ++ and will not face any particular problem.

Applications of C ++ programming language

The C ++ programming language is present in almost all surrounding devices and plays an important role in our world.

Among the most important applications of this language is programming with the Bare-Metal method (programming a piece of hardware directly and without the need for interfaces, compilers, and operating systems), programming of everyday electronic equipment such as refrigerators and toasters, software design of network equipment such as routers and switches, Smartening power plants, production lines, and medical equipment.

In this course, all topics are taught in a project-oriented and practical way to prepare students for work in various industries and software companies. The instructor of this course has a special focus on the latest version of the C ++ standard, C ++ 20, and carefully teaches all new topics such as Sufferings and Concepts.

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The C ++ 20 Masterclass: From Fundamentals to Advanced is a very complete and comprehensive course, and even current C ++ programmers or users of other programming languages ​​can take advantage of this course.

The instructor will do his or her best to teach advanced and complex topics such as callbacks and iterators in the best possible way. The C ++ programming language is used by tech giants such as Microsoft, NASA, Google, Apple, and و, and has great career prospects for its professionals.

The C ++ 20 Masterclass: From Fundamentals to Advanced

  • Functions
  • classes
  • Variables and different data types
  • C ++ 20
  • suffers
  • Modules
  • Concepts
  • Coroutines
  • inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Const correctness
  • Static variables
  • Storage duration
  • Linkage
  • One Definition rule
  • Operator overload
  • Three-way comparison infrastructure
  • Function like entities
  • Move semantics
  • STL containers, iterators, and algorithms

What you will learn in The C ++ 20 Masterclass: From Fundamentals to Advanced:

  • Work with Functions and Operators
  • Work with variables and different types of data
  • Sufferings and concepts
  • Inheritance concepts
  • Const correctness
  • Work with different templates
  • C ++ Exceptions
  • STL standard template library
  • Build iterators
  • Algorithm writing
  • Lambda expressions
  • Return value optimization
  • Standard versions 11, 14, 17 and 20
  • Work with classes
  • Modules
  • Polymorphism and polymorphism
  • Working with static variables
  • Operator overload
  • Move Semantics tool
  • The concept of the callback function
  • Character manipulation and string values

Course details:

Publisher: Udemi
Instructor: Daniel Gakwaya
Language: English
Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Courses: 564
Training Duration: 112 hours and 19 minutes

Course topics


 C ++ 20 Masterclass

Prerequisites for The C ++ 20 Masterclass: From Fundamentals to Advanced

  • Strong drive and willingness to learn
  • Access to a PC or Mac with an internet connection



 C ++ 20 Masterclass

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Version 2022/1 has increased by 47 lessons (2 sections) and a duration of 10 hours and 5 minutes compared to 2021/8.

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