The Complete Strapi Course

Udemy – The Complete Strapi Course – with plugins and deployment 2022

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The Complete Strapi Course – with plugins and deployment is the name of the complete Strapi training and development course published by Udemy Academy.

The definitive course to learn Strapi v4 from basics to advanced usage!

Why strappy and why this course?

This course is perfect for anyone looking to add Strapi to their developer toolbox, as it’s the most popular headless CMS on the market (and still growing!), offering high-level features out-of-the-box with strong flexibility and extensibility. Combines flexibility. 

Build and deploy a full Strapi app, plus a full plugin!

In this course I will guide you from the very basics to building, customizing and deploying a complete Strapi application.

The application we will create contains features built by extending the Strapi core through custom logic (routes, controllers, GraphQL resolvers, etc.). In addition, in this course you will create a complete plugin (admin + server code) that is ready to be published on the Strappy Marketplace (and in fact you will find it there now!).

Let me say that the Strapi plugin section is a course in a course and will give you the skills to offer Strapi plugins both through the nascent Strapi marketplace (which has great growth potential) and directly to customers.

Here are the main topics you will learn:

  • Working with content: content types, fields, relationships, components, dynamic regions
  • Authorization and authentication system
  • Working with the REST API
  • Working with the GraphQL API
  • Extending the Strapi core: custom routes, controllers, services, policies, middleware
  • Extending the GraphQL plugin
  • Customize the admin panel
  • Create a complete plugin (including server and admin), ready for the Strapi market
  • Deployment of Strapi in production

The things you can do after passing this course:

By the end of this course, you’ll feel empowered as you master a framework that dramatically speeds time to market in developing production-ready applications, while not sacrificing extensibility.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Anyone aiming to fully master the best no-nonsense CMS on the market
  • Front-end developers see in Strapi the best way to embrace full-stack development
  • Back-end engineers find in Strapi the most efficient and flexible development framework

What you will learn in The Complete Strapi Course – with plugins and deployment:

  • Master the strapless CMS, from basics to advanced themes
  • Create a complete Strapi app and API
  • Learn the basics of Strapi: content types, relationships, components, dynamic regions, and more
  • Interact with your app through Strapi’s REST and GraphQL API
  • Customize the Strapi REST API with custom routes, controllers, services, and more.
  • Customize the Strapi GraphQL API
  • Training for the development of Strapi plugins by creating a complete plugin (including the management user interface)
  • Deply Strapi with 2 different architectures and CI/CD pipeline

The Complete Strapi Course details

Publisher:  Udemy
Instructor: Artcoded Academy
Language: English
Education level: Advanced
Number of lessons: 137
Duration of training: 13 hours 53 minutes

The Complete Strapi Course topics:

The Complete Strapi Course


The Complete Strapi Course prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of Javascript is enough
  • For the Strapi Plugins section (only the admin UI part), a basic knowledge of React is useful

The Complete Strapi Course pictures:

The Complete Strapi Course

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