Udemy - The Ultimate React Js Responsive Portfolio Website 2021
React Js Responsive

Udemy – The Ultimate React Js Responsive Portfolio Website 2021


The Ultimate React Js Responsive Portfolio Website is a React Framework project-based training course published by Yodemi Academy. In this training course, you will create a portfolio website to display your portfolio. During the development process of this website, you will get acquainted with very important topics such as responsiveness, implementation of various features such as user login and login pages, and contact us and…

In addition to the React framework, you will also benefit from a range of application services such as Bootstrap, the Rxjs library, and the NodeJS server-side programming language. React Framework is one of the most popular web development frameworks and underlying applications used by a wide range of front-end programmers.

Among the most important features implemented in the website are horizontal scrolling between user comments, dynamic and responsive news, various animations, printing web pages in PDF format, call to action button, and… reference .

What you will learn in The Ultimate React js Responsive Portfolio Website:

  • Use hooks in the React framework and get acquainted with the default hooks
  • Responsiveness and building flexible websites
  • Release the final project at the gate
  • Construction of gate tank
  • Implement React Typical library to create typing animation
  • Familiarity with the RxJs library
  • Download web pages, especially online resumes in PDF format
  • Working with the Toast Library
  • Principles of optimal website design
  • Working with the Bootstrap framework to build responsive websites
  • Implement the final project in Heroku
  • Work with the Node mailer module in order to send emails and implement the contact form
  • Implement Smooth Scrolling feature on the website
  • Create interactive and beautiful animations on the website
  • Node Js programming to develop server-side websites

Course specifications

Instructor: Ehizeex Okwuose
Language: English
Education Level: Basic to Advanced
Number of Courses: 48
Training Duration: 7 hours and 57 minutes

Course topics on 2021/11

React Js Responsive

Prerequisites for The Ultimate React js Responsive Portfolio Website

To feel comfortable in the course you need to know Basic HTML & CSS and Basic Javascript (variables, objects, arrays, functions)

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React Js Responsive

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