Udemy - Unity 2020 URP Make a juicy 2d Shooter prototype 2021
Unity 2020

Udemy – Unity 2020 URP Make a juicy 2d Shooter prototype 2021


Unity 2020 URP Make a juicy 2d Shooter prototype is a training course for designing and making two-dimensional shooter and action games with the Unity 2020 game engine, published by Udemy Academy. In this training course, various topics such as making shooting and action mechanics, ‌ developing artificial intelligence for enemy forces in order to create automatic feedback for player commands, ‌ enrichment of gameplay with sound and video effects, and… will be discussed.

For this simple game, you will develop simple and attractive mechanics such as shooting, ن picking up health items, equipment, and ammunition, the artificial intelligence of enemy forces, and… During the training process of this course, you will use the URP capability to perform two-dimensional lighting and optimize the rendering process of different scenes.

In the process of designing and developing computer games, receiving feedback from online players and players is very important and occupies more than half of the development process. The game developer must check all the feedback and comments of the players and edit the sound and visual effects of the game or even its major mechanisms accordingly.

What you will learn in the Unity 2020 URP Make a juicy 2d Shooter prototype course:

  • Build 2D shooter and action games using the powerful Unity 2020 game engine
  • C # programming and development of artificial intelligence of enemy characters and characters
  • The process of developing computer games and receiving feedback from online players in order to optimize and upgrade the game
  • Game design and gameplay
  • And …

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Sunny Valley Studio
Language: English
Level: Medium
Number of Courses: 116
Duration: 14 hours and 57 minutes

Course topics


Unity 2020

Course Prerequisites

Know how to use Unity at a basic/intermediate level.
C # intermediate level

Course pictures


Unity 2020

Installation guide

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