Udemy - Unity 2D Dungeon Gunner Roguelike Development Course 2022
Unity 2D Dungeon Gunner

Udemy – Unity 2D Dungeon Gunner Roguelike Development Course 2022


Unity 2D Dungeon Gunner Roguelike Development Course is a two-dimensional shooter and rogue game design and development course with Unity game engine and C # language, published by Udemy. This training course is completely project-oriented and at the end of the course, you will design a two-dimensional shooter game. The designed game is very similar to popular titles such as Enter The Gungeon and The Binding of Isaac.

This training course consists of 160 video files and will provide you with more than 50 hours of useful training. The behind-the-scenes logic of all the configurations and coding is explained in the simplest language possible in this course so that no ambiguity remains for the student. This game will be developed in a completely modular and flexible way, and the user can easily add new features and modules to the game’s software core after completing the course.

What you will learn in the Unity 2D Dungeon Gunner Roguelike Development Course:

  • Build a dedicated node editor tool to design and build layouts and layouts for dungeons and dungeons
  • Creating a random and processed game environment and dungeons
  • Design and development of various levels for the game
  • Two-dimensional lighting of the game using the Unity Universal Render Pipeline
  • Build a mini-map to display the player’s position on the map
  • Build a complete map of game dungeons and dungeons with the ability to teleport players from one point to another
  • Design and build a variety of characters and characters
  • Design and development of a range of usable weapons and ammunition
  • Design and develop enemy characters
  • Create visual special effects like fire and آتش
  • AStar intelligent positioning system
  • Develop artificial intelligence to receive responses from enemy forces
  • Create sound effects and custom sound for the environment and characters

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Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Rob Ager
Language: English
Level: Medium
Number of Courses: 164
Duration: 51 hours and 4 minutes

Unity 2D Dungeon Gunner Course topics


Unity 2D Dungeon Gunner

Prerequisites for Unity 2D Dungeon Gunner Roguelike Development Course

*** PLEASE DON’T BUY THIS COURSE IF YOU ARE AT A BEGINNER LEVEL! This course does not cover C # and Unity basics. The last thing I want is for you to be frustrated and leave a negative review because you do not have the required basic knowledge to follow the lectures. This is an intermediate course and you need the required skills listed below. I of course would love you to enroll in the course, but if you do not have these skills start with some beginner courses and then come back once you have built a few games and have a good level of knowledge of C # and Unity. ***

THIS IS AN INTERMEDIATE-LEVEL COURSE. You should have Intermediate Unity Development Skills – and built a few Unity prototypes or games before.

Good knowledge of the Unity editor, and how to use its main features.

Good knowledge of C # scripting and the fundamentals of object-oriented programming.

Good knowledge and understanding of some of the main Unity API classes and C # system classes.

The willingness to look up anything you are not familiar with in the Unity scripting manual or C # resources online.

Install the free Unity 3D game engine software and Visual Studio Community Edition.

Install the free SourceTree git client to help follow along with the provided completed Unity project and the branches that correspond to completed lectures.

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Unity 2D Dungeon Gunner

Installation guide

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