Nuxt.js and Django

Udemy – Vue 3, Nuxt.js and Django: A Rapid Guide – Advanced 2021

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Vue 3, Nuxt.js and Django: A Rapid Guide – Advanced is the name of the rapid and advanced training course Vue 3, Nuxt.js and Django, published by Udemy Academy.

Learn how to create an Ambassador app using VueJS, Nuxt.js and the Django Rest Framework. We will build 3 apps Admin, Ambassador and Checkout and they will use a big Django API.

In the Django tutorial you will learn:

  • How to create an API with the Django Rest game framework
  • Use Docker
  • Create protected paths
  • Log in with HttpOnly cookies
  • Sign in with Scopes
  • Use Redis
  • Use Stripe
  • send mail
  • Filter saved products

In this Vue tutorial you will learn:

  • Use Vue with Typescript
  • Use Nuxt.js with Typescript
  • Use Vuex
  • How to use Composition API and Options API
  • Use Vuetify
  • Creating public and private routes
  • Pay with Stripe

I am a FullStack developer with more than 10 years of experience. I’m obsessed with clean code and I do my best to make sure my courses have the cleanest code possible. My teaching style is very simple, I don’t waste a lot of time explaining all the ways you can create something or other unnecessary information to increase the length of your speech. If you want to learn things quickly, this course is for you. I also regularly update my courses over time because I don’t want them to get old. So you can expect more content from a training course with better video and audio quality over time. So what are you waiting for, try this course and you won’t be disappointed.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Developers who want to learn new concepts quickly

What you will learn in the Vue 3, Nuxt.js and Django: A Rapid Guide – Advanced course:

  • Use Docker
  • Log in with HttpOnly cookies and multiple user domains
  • Storage with Redis
  • Pay with Stripe
  • Different types of users
  • VueJS with Typescript
  • NuxtJS with Typescript
  • Use Vuetify
  • Use Composition API and Options API

Course details

Publisher:  Udemy
Instructor: Antonio Papa
Language: English
Education level: Advanced
Number of lessons: 85
Duration of training: 8 hours 9 minutes

Course topics:

Nuxt.js and Django


Course prerequisites:

  • Good understanding of VueJS
  • Good understanding of Python and Django

Course pictures:

Nuxt.js and Django

Installation guide

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Quality: 720p

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