Udemy – Vue JS 3: Composition API (with Pinia & Vite) 2022
Vue JS 3

Udemy – Vue JS 3: Composition API (with Pinia & Vite) 2022


Vue JS 3: Composition API (with Pinia & Vite) is the name of the Vue JS 3 Framework and Composition API with Pinia and Vite training course published by Udemy website. If you’re already familiar with Vue 2 & The Options API, this course will teach you everything you need to transition to (and get started with) Vue 3 and the amazing new Composition. In this course, you will learn the key differences between the Options API and the Composition API by creating a simple Options API application and converting it to the Composition API. Then to all the basics including:

  • Reactive data with Refs & Reactive Objects
  • Methods, Computed Properties, and Watchers
  • Lifecycle Hooks
  • instructions
  • Vue Router
  • Child Components
  • Dynamic components
  • Composables – How to create them from scratch and how to import them from the VueUse library
  • And you’ll learn State Management using Pinia, the incredible successor to Vuex
After learning the basics, you’ll build a real application called Noteballs from scratch that has full CRUD capabilities, uses Pinia for state management.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Developers familiar with Vue 2 & Options API who want to migrate to Vue 3 & Composition API

What you will learn in the Vue JS 3: Composition API (with Pinia & Vite) course:

  • How to switch from Vue 2 & Options API to Vue 3 & Composition API
  • State Management using Pinia
  • Main differences between Options API and Composition API
  • Building a real app from scratch with Vue 3, Composition API, Pinia and Vite

Course details:

Publisher: Udemy

Instructor: Danny Connell

English language

Education level: introductory

Number of courses: 130

Training duration: 6 hours 12 minutes

Course topics Vue JS 3: Composition API (with Pinia & Vite):

Vue JS 3


Course prerequisites:


  • Basic understanding of Vue 2 & Options API
  • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Course pictures:

Vue JS 3

Installation guide

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Quality: 720p

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