Udemy – Web Development w/ Google’s Go (golang) Programming Language 2022

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Web Development w/ Google’s Go (golang) Programming Language is the name of a course from Udemy that introduces you to web programming using Go or golang and teaches you how to build two web applications. The Go programming language was created by Google to provide the possibility of designing fast and practical software. This language was presented as open source in 2009 and its first version was published in 2012 and today it is the best choice for developing web software.

In this training course, you will fully learn the Go language and get to know all the steps of making powerful and flexible software. You can use the Go language to build all kinds of web applications, APIs, microservices, and other web services and create high-level and high-quality products. The instructor of this course explains all the necessary points for web development, including architecture, templates, servers, packages, software distribution, AWS service, MySQL database, MVC design pattern, Docker, MongoDB, and Google cloud service, and how to build It teaches a photo blog and a network similar to twitter.

Items taught in this course:

  • Making server-side software
  • Getting to know the main topics of web programming
  • Go language training
  • Building web applications using the Go language
  • Building web software without using external frameworks
  • Software distribution training, AWS service, MySQL database
  • Familiarity with MVC design pattern, Docker, MongoDB, and Google cloud service

Specifications of the Web Development course w/ Google’s Go (golang) Programming Language:

  • English language
  • Duration: 19 hours and 12 minutes
  • Number of courses: 173
  • Education level: Intermediate
  • Instructor: Todd McLeod
  • File format: mp4

Course headings

Web Development

Course prerequisites

  • You must understand how to program with the Go programming language before taking this course. If you do not know how to program with Go, please take my course: “Learn How To Code: Google’s Go (golang) Programming Language”

Web Development Pictures

Web Development

Installation guide

After extracting, watch with your favorite player.

English subtitle

Quality: 720p


The version of 2022/5 has increased the number of 2 lessons compared to 2017/6, but the duration has decreased by 1 minute.

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Download part 1 – 3 GB
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Download part 5 – 1.87 GB
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