Udemy – Webhooks with .NET 5 2021

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Webhooks with .NET 5 name of the training course Webhooks with .NET 5. is published by Udemy Academy.

In this hands-on course, we take a hands-on approach to building a working solution that uses Webhooks. We’ll cover some theory to begin with, but quickly move on to the step-by-step, hands-on solution building that makes up the vast majority of the course.
During the build, we will create 3 separate .NET projects to simulate a fictional airline and its travel agency clients. This approach gives students real-world context in the use of webhooks and their value to the industry. The projects we build are:
1. Airline website
  • Webhook Registration REST API Flight Details REST API
  • Used to enable webhooks by publishing to the RabbitMQ message bus
  • Simple HTML / JavaScript / Bootstrap web client for making webhook registration API calls
2. Airline shipping agent
  • “agent” is used alone to send bulk webhooks
  • Dependency Injection is enabled
  • RabbitMQ subscriber/consumer with event-based message delivery
  • It uses HttpClient and HttpClientFactory

3. Travel agency website

  • Simple webhook
  • The POST Endpoint uses the SQL Server backend to retrieve the webhook “secret” to authenticate webhooks.
We also use Docker Compose to get the following fabric up and running:
  • RabbitMQ Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
Students should be aware that we use VSCode as the development tool of choice, so students who want to learn with Visual Studio should consider this carefully before purchasing. The source code is downloadable as a lecture resource. Slideware is available as a downloadable lecture resource

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Students interested in learning more about webhooks, why you use them, and how to get started making them.

What you will learn in the Webhooks with .NET 5 course:

  • What is a webhook and how to make it using C# and .NET 5
  • How to build REST APIs using C# and .NET 5
  • Use JavaScript (and “fetch”) to make API calls
  • How to create multiple HttpClients using HttpClient
  • What is Factory in .NET RabbitMQ and how you can use it to improve your solutions
  • How to run SQL Server and RabbitMQ servers with Docker Compose
  • How to add Dependency Injection to a main .NET Automapper console application and data transfer objects

Course details

Publisher:  Udemy
Instructor: Les Jackson
Language: English
Level of education: Advanced
Number of lessons: 46
Duration of training: 5 hours 33 minutes

Course topics:



Course prerequisites:

  • Working understanding of C# & .NET
  • Exposure to building REST APIs with C# & .NET (students can take my free course on YouTube)

Course pictures:



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