UI.Dev - Advanced JavaScript 2020-7

UI.Dev – Advanced JavaScript 2020-7


UI.Dev – Advanced JavaScript is an advanced JavaScript training course that you may be looking to learn due to its various applications. All courses provided by UI.Dev uses a proven structure that is optimized for the transfer of basic knowledge, not the idea of ​​learning.

What you will learn in UI.Dev – Advanced JavaScript:

  • Understand the basics of important topics in JavaScript, contexts along with learning other vital topics like hoisting, scopes, and closures
  • Learn the keyword this which is one of the incomprehensible aspects of JavaScript and how to refine this along with .call, .apply and .bind
  • Learn event loop
  • Inheritance and modules

Course specifications

Publisher: UI.Dev
Language: English
Number of courses: 9
Duration: 3 hours and 5 minutes

Course topics:

Guide to Execution Contexts Hoisting Scopes and Closures
Understanding this keyword call apply and bind
The Evolution of Async JavaScript From Callbacks to Promises to AsyncAwait
Beginners Guide to JavaScripts Prototype
JavaScript Private and Public Class Fields
JavaScript Inheritance and the Prototype Chain
From IIFEs to CommonJS Modules
BonusJavaScript Composition vs Inheritance
Bonus Creating your own JavaScript Array

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Course prerequisites:

A fundamental understanding of JavaScript or familiarity with another programming language. For example, you should be comfortable with functions, arguments, loops, control flow, etc. If you want to jump straight into the React courses, we recommend having a stronger knowledge of JavaScript, which you can get from our JavaScript courses if you’re unsure.



Installation guide

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