Ultimate Courses - React Router v6 2021
React Router

Ultimate Courses – React Router v6 2021


React Router is a training course on moving components and routing in React framework applications with the React Router tool, published by the Ultimate Courses Academy. This training course is completely project-oriented and will solve one of the most difficult and difficult topics of React framework, ie routing, in your mind forever.

What you will learn in the React Router course:

  • Install, set up, and configure the React and React Router framework
  • Component-oriented routing and implementation methods
  • Different scenarios of user authentication and login and logout management
  • Manage 404 pages and redirect the user to other pages
  • Construction of nested and complex routes

Course specifications

Publisher: Ultimate Courses
Instructor: Todd Motto
Language: English
Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Courses: 37
Duration: 4 hours and 31 minutes

Course topics


  • The Missing Introduction to React Router
  • Project Walkthrough and Install

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Core Essentials

  • Introducing the <BrowserRouter />
  • <Route /> and Path declarations
  • Switching <Route /> elements with <Routes />
  • Handling 404 Not Found routes
  • Redirecting 404 Not Found routes

Declarative Navigation and Links

  • Navigating to routes with <Link />
  • Active link states with <NavLink />
  • Active styles on <NavLink />

Advanced Routing Practices

  • Nested Routes and <Outlet />
  • Fetching Data in Nested Routes
  • Relative and Absolute Navigation with <Link />
  • Creating Dynamic Routes
  • Reading Route Params with useParams () Hook
  • Fetching Dynamic Data with Route Params
  • Programmatic Navigation with use navigate ()
  • Replacing Router State on Navigation
  • Passing State on Navigation alongside use location ()
  • Understanding Navigation Deltas with use navigate ()
  • Domain-Driven Nested Routes
  • Restricting Access with a <ProtectedRoute /> Component

CRUD Operations and Bonus Techniques

  • Re-investigating Relative <Link /> Paths
  • Using <Link /> with Nested Routes
  • Creating a new Product from a Form
  • Redirecting upon Product Create
  • Retrieving an existing Product
  • Updating an existing Product
  • Deleting an existing Product
  • Passing Props to Routed Components
  • Reading Search Params with useSearchParams ()
  • Syncing Search Param State with UI State
  • Rendering UI from Search Param State
  • Scrolling to Top after Route Transitions
  • Object-based Route Config with use routes ()

Performance Techniques

  • Code Splitting and Lazy-Loading Components
  • Creating a Suspense-ready Lazy-Load Component

Preact Router Course Prerequisites

React Basics Course

Course pictures


React Router

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