Ultracopier Multilingual

UltraCopier is the name of a software application for transferring files on your computer. This software is mentioned as an advanced and at the same time simple tool. You can transfer your files and folders with several clicks using this software. The main application of this software is the capabilities that the user can apply to the transfer process during the transfer. Using the tool, you can set speed limits for transferring your files. This software also acts as a Windows file transfer tool and has all the features of the Windows tool itself.

UltraCopier software is also able to not only notify you when you are justified by an error, but also provide you with a report on how and why the error occurred. This software is also able to transfer files and folders faster than its Windows tool. The excellent performance of this software is known for its special advantage. As mentioned, as long as your data is being transferred, you will be able to control and manage the transfer. For example, you can search for the file you need through a list of copied files.

Features and specifications of the UltraCopier tool:

  • User interface similar to Windows and take advantage of all the features of the default Windows tool
  • Transfer information from all types of files and folders with just a few clicks
  • Ability to create speed limits during transfer operations
  • Provide accurate error reports with the cause
  • Increase the transfer speed compared to using the tools available in Windows itself

Installation guide

This tool is free.

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