UltraMon 3.3.0 x86 / x64

UltraMon is a useful program for managing multi-monitor systems. By default, with limited Windows features, you will not have complete control over the use of multiple monitors. In fact, users get involved in various issues in this situation, which makes the experience of using Chatten monitors unpleasant. This program is provided to solve these problems and improve user productivity. As soon as this program is installed, a separate toolbar is installed on each monitor, with which you can see the running tasks related to the same monitor.

Each monitor has a separate desktop and settings, whenever necessary you can combine all monitors into one large monitor. After installing this program, as soon as you run a program, you will be asked on which monitor it will be displayed. This way you can easily organize different programs on separate monitors. For example, if you work in programming, you can open graphics and image programs on one monitor, IDEs and coding tools on another monitor, and work-related sites on another.

This makes it much smarter and more regular to use multiple monitors. You can move an application from one monitor to another at any time. In this program, you can easily define different profiles for monitors and enable or disable them at any time. You will even be able to select the desired monitor settings and profile based on the logged in user. This mode can be effective for cases where several people use your system.

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