Unveiling of Microsoft Smart Speaker with the ability to transcribe and translate meeting content

Smart Speaker
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Microsoft’s latest smart speaker can automatically copy the content of meetings on the Microsoft Teams platform and deliver translated text.


The Corona epidemic has taught us that many businesses need technology to survive; Because you can’t always work in the traditional way. It was here that hardware and software technologies went hand in hand to enable telecommuting in some jobs. Microsoft’s new smart speaker has been introduced for the same purpose.

This small gadget can appear in the role of an employee during Microsoft Thames meetings and take notes of all the issues raised. It also has the ability to identify 10 different voices so that the speeches of each member present at the meeting can be recorded separately. This also allows the virtual audience to more easily know who is talking.

Microsoft Smart Speaker

Other features include simultaneous translation. This means that if one of the people present at the meeting has a different language, they can access the translated text of the conversation.

It goes without saying that the Microsoft Teams platform became very popular during the outbreak of the Corona virus, and some of the world’s largest companies used it to telecommute their staff.

Of course, before the Covid 19 pandemic , Microsoft was working on smart speakers, and even the Surface Hub has received approval to play the role of an Intelligent Speaker.

Microsoft has partnered with Yealink and Epos to build the new smart speaker; But there is still something unsaid about it. For example, the release date and price of the product are expected to be announced soon.

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