UpToDate 2.0 Revision 2018-04-20 All OS

UpToDate 2.0 Revision 2018-04-20 All OS

UpToDate is a specialized and up-to-date database on medical information and knowledge. This database is on the web and is always updated based on the latest medical information and research. Physicians, medical students, academia, and relevant organizations of the Ministry of Health can access this valuable and rich source of information through correspondence and related processes. This information source also has offline versions that always provide the latest information in the form of a compact disc. Physicians and medical students can count on the information of this information center for clinical diagnoses as well as treatment solutions with high certainty.

In fact, instead of being limited to a few old books and magazines. In this collection, you can access more than a dozen specialized publications and texts that have been repeatedly edited by technical experts. This database has over 8000 different topics in 17 specialized fields of medicine, which provides users with a total of over one hundred thousand text pages with related images. Also, wherever it is necessary to give more information about the drugs offered to users, links are provided to Medline abstracts and related databases.

The obvious advantage of this product is its technical editing team, which includes several thousand specialist doctors. These physicians have the necessary information and expertise in the relevant field, and the content provided will always be placed in the UpToDate database after passing the detailed filters of these specialists. This allows the user who comes to this reference not to worry about damaging its professional credentials. If you are a doctor, medical student or even interested in medical topics, we recommend that you have this program on your system to increase information and have a Carbald Assistant.

Installation guide

Extract the software and open the html file with your browser; There is no limit to the type of operating system.

This version was released on July 28, 1998 in the latest version of Chrome Handheld, without any problems.

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UpToDate 2.0 Revision 042018

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