How to use the phone microphone as a wireless microphone?


phone microphone as a wireless microphone

Most regular users do not need a microphone, but sometimes we do need a microphone to do things like make a video call on Skype or record our own voice. Most laptops are equipped with a microphone, but the quality is not very good, on the other hand, buying a good microphone will cost you a lot, which may not be justified for a normal user. In such cases, the best option before you is to use a microphone that is built into the smartphone and is of almost good quality. But how can we use our smartphone microphone? In this article, we will learn how to do this.

There are several ways to do this, most of which are difficult and complex. But in this article we use an application software called wo Mic. What this app does is turn the phone into a microphone. In fact, wo mic records your voice and delivers it to the wo mic Client program running on your computer to record it and then provides the audio file to the virtual microphone for applications to use. Information that can be used by the destination application via a virtual microphone.

An application actually assumes that you have a real microphone installed on your system. You can use this method to transfer audio information to programs like sound recorder. This program allows you to establish an audio connection between the phone and the computer in three ways: WiFi, Bluetooth, USB cable and WiFi Direct.

Essentials required

In the first step, download the wo Mic application from Google Play and install it on your Android phone. Next you need to install wo Mic Client on your computer. The client version for the Windows, Ubuntu, and Mac operating systems is as follows:

OSX version

Windows version

Ubuntu 64-bit version (16.04.1 LTS)

If you are using Windows, you need to install the emulator on your system. To do this, click on the wo_mic_driver_signed.exe link and install it.

If you are using Linux, run the following command on an Ubuntu distribution.

$ sudo modprobe snd-aloop

How to connect

As mentioned, connection is possible via Bluetooth, WiFi and USB. The easiest way is to connect via USB. To connect via USB, you must first enable the USB debugging feature through the Developer section on the phone.

Once activated, connect the phone to the computer with a USB cable and run Wo Mic. Go to the application settings and set Transport to USB. (Of course, this option is selected by default.)

Go to the main screen of the program and touch start. On the computer, run the Wo mic Client, go to the Connection tab, select Connect, and select USB.

Return to the main screen and select Play in speaker in the Options tab. The microphone can now be used. It should be noted that the connection via Bluetooth is done in the same way. In this method, you must select the Bluetooth option on the phone and computer. Of course, you must have a Bluetooth dongle on your personal computer or turn on the Bluetooth on a laptop.

Wi-Fi connection requires more work. In the above method, first put Transport on WiFi status on your Android phone and click the Start button on the main screen. In this case, an IP address appears at the top of the microphone icon. Make a note of the address above. In the client program on the computer, select the WiFi option and enter the IP address that you saw in the program in the corresponding field.

 As before, by selecting Play in speaker, you can use the microphone on the phone. To disconnect the microphone, you can use the Disconnect button on the computer or Stop on the Android phone.

On the Ubuntu Linux operating system, run the following command to connect to the client via WiFi.

$ sudo ./micclient-ubuntu-x86_64 -t Wifi

Also use the following command to connect via Bluetooth.

$ sudo ./micclient-ubuntu-x86_64 -t Bluetooth xx: xx: xx: xx: xx: xx

Use the following command to record.

$ arecord -c 1 -r 48000 -f S16_LE -D “hw: CARD = Loopback, DEV = 1, SUBDEV = 0” foo.wav

It should be noted that the keyphone microphone of the phone is not as good as expensive microphones, and if there is a lot of ambient noise around you, it will adversely affect the sound quality. However, with the Wo mic app, you can use the phone’s microphone to record audio for free.

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