VaxVoIP SIP Phone SDK 3.3

VaxVoIP SIP Phone SDK 3.3

The VaxVoIP SIP Phone SDK is a powerful development kit and is actually a set of different components for building applications based on the SIP protocol. This protocol, which is called the Session Initiation Protocol, is the official definition of web-based multimedia conferencing. In fact, websites or software through which you can make phone calls to other countries are implemented exactly according to this protocol. If you also need a telephone secretary, answering machine or holding conferences and telephone conversations in your program, you can easily add this feature to your program with a minimum of coding by using the components of this collection.

Although the use of these components is not necessary and you can do it yourself with the basic capabilities of the programming language, but still using ready-made and stable libraries is a good option because neither your time will be spent on the bugs of this section nor You need new coding for each new feature. This program has advanced features that you may not normally care about, but you will appreciate them just when you need them.


For example, you can easily block and not serve certain countries and geographical locations. You will easily be able to redirect calls. You can design a answering machine and consider predefined machine answers for different scenarios. This answering machine can be used randomly with a variety of male, female, child, low speed, high speed and by changing the tone of voice and other factors. Web applications based on the VaxVoIP SIP Phone SDK are compatible with all browsers IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and.. With this component, you can program for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices. You can define a proxy for using this product. These proxies can be read from a list or downloaded through third-party APIs from web services. During the conversation it will be possible to change the volume and other factors of the conversation.

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