VCLSKin 5.60 for XE-D10.2 Tokyo

VCLSKin 5.60 for XE-D10.2 Tokyo

VclSkin is a component for creating user interface skins for Delphi and C ++ Builder applications. This component is very easy to use, put the component in the original form and Vclskin inserts the shell code into the program without having to change it. The component also supports third-party controls. Unlike other shell components where you have to change the source program to build the shell, VclSkin can build standard Delphi shell controls.

VclSkin Features and Features:

  • Added close button for TPageControl
  • Scroll bar in Combobox and Drop-Down
  • Support for all types of Windows: Delphi Form, MDIform, MsgBox, Embed forms, Dockable forms
  • Third-party components including Enlib, AdvGrid
  • Availability of over 70 shell files
  • Messagebox and Exception MessageBox support

Delphi standard control support:

  • Tbutton, TBitbtn
  • Tradiobutton and Tcheckbox
  • Tmainmenu and Tpopupmenu
  • Toolbar buttons
  • TTabcontrol and TPageControl
  • T Progressbar
  • TNavigator
  • TStatusbar
  • TCustomCombox, Tcombobox, TDbCombobox
  • TPanel and TGroupbox
  • TMemo, TListBox, TListView, TTreeview
  • TRadioGroup, TDBRadioGroup
  • TCustomGrid, TStringgrid, TDrawgrid, Tdbgrid
  • Third party components: Enlib, AdvGrid
  • TForm title bar
  • Button title bar
  • Tform Borders

Installation guide

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Download VCLSkin_5.60_XE10.2_Full_Source

Download VCLSKin_5.60_for_XE_D10.1_Berlin_10.1_Update2

Download VCLSkin_5.40_for_XE10.1

Download VCLSkin_5.40_for_XE4_XE7

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