VectorDraw Developer Framework 7.7009.1.0

VectorDraw Developer Framework 7.7009.1.0

VectorDraw Developer Framework, or VDF for short, is a library or graphics engine for creating, managing, and printing 2D / 3D maps in Delphi and .NET applications. If you have to use and process vector files, AutoCAD drawings and the like in your program, this library will relieve you of the heavy burden of processing these images. This library is compatible with almost all vector formats and other CAD objects. More than 10 vector formats as well as raster format images are supported and it is possible to convert these file types to each other.

This component is completely object-oriented and 100% of its code is written in C #. This will prevent you from becoming dependent on other libraries and software. The processing algorithms of this library have undergone extensive changes in the new versions, and it can be said that these algorithms have been completely rewritten and optimized from the beginning. Also, in order to make the library compatible with older versions of Visual Basic and Delphi ActiveX, the library has been offered so that the development of this category of programs is also possible.

With the help of this product, you can easily write programs that import, process CAD and vector formats, get 2D and 3D printing, and finally get the desired output. The file format of this program is VDML, which is based on XML so that it can be easily updated and changed after compiling the program. This library supports layered CAD files well, recognizes all types of viewports, full specifications of CAD and vector files will be available to you. It has the ability to separate text within files, supports hyperlinks and many other useful features that you will see when using the VectorDraw Developer Framework.

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Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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