Vectric PhotoVCarve 1.102 x86

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PhotoVCarve software has been developed to allow CNC machines to engrave things that are only possible with expensive laser systems. PhotoVCarve directly converts your images into quality toolpaths that can be used on all CNC and engraving machines. Converting images to files used for CNC machines has always been one of the challenges in this field, and although there are many software products that seem to do it right, most of them do not work as well as they should. PhotoVCarve is also suitable for machining 3D lithophanes and converting them directly to images. These designs are suitable for gifts, souvenirs and memoirs. PhotoVCarve gives you countless opportunities that can be used for most CNC machines.

This program allows images to be machined using CNC machines in three different ways. The first method is V-Groove Machining, which transmits different details of the image using grooves of different widths and depths. The final quality of this method is highly dependent on the surface of the material being engraved and the grooves created. Darker areas indicate the density of grooves and light areas indicate thinner grooves and their lower density. The next method is to use 3D lithophanes. Lithophanes are three-dimensional images that are a little dull and lifeless when viewed in low light, but when rendered in 3D, the details of the image are displayed and become something completely different. The next method is black and white and three-dimensional machining, which directly converts black and white images into three-dimensional maps with height and depth.

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