Veritas System Recovery Multilingual

Veritas System Recovery Multilingual


Symantec Veritas System Recovery, released after Veritas’ independence under the name Veritas System Recovery, is a powerful data recovery software that allows businesses and professional businesses to recover from information disasters and data loss. -Recover them easily in minutes. With patented “Return Everywhere” technology, IT executives can quickly retrieve what they need quickly, wherever and whenever they want. Files, folders or even objects of a program can be recovered on virtual and physical machines with dissimilar hardware. Unlike other data recovery systems, Symantec System Recovery can recover data from multiple platforms, from virtual to physical (V2P), virtual to virtual (V2V), and physical to virtual (P2V), providing software as a complement to Transforms virtual and physical environments.

Features of Veritas System Recovery software:

  • Restore laptops and desktops from local and off-the-shelf destinations instantly even with dissimilar hardware
  • Recover files, folders and small objects at once
  • High data backup on almost all storage devices connected via USB, FireWire, NAS, SAN and BluRay
  • Protect the entire system, including operating systems, applications, files, drivers, and… using markup by imaging-based technology
  • Schedule to run backup operations automatically without compromising the user’s productivity
  • AES encryption secures sensitive data of a business