VERO WorkXplore 2021.0.2050 x64 Free Download
VERO WorkXplore

VERO WorkXplore 2021.0.2050 x64 Free Download


VERO WorkXplore enables you to perform a variety of measurements on 3D components. This software also with its advanced analytical features can determine shear levels, smooth surfaces, thickness, volume, shell, weight. It is also possible to perform dynamic cross-sectional visualization using this software.

You no longer need 2D maps because you can directly add dimensions, geometric measurements, annotations and labeling to your 3D models.

With VERO WorkXplore, you can share 3D models and assembly files with your subcontractors, customers and partners through a separate, very compact application. Files are easily transferred over the Internet, and reports of file downloads and changes are downloaded and displayed on a 3D model.

VERO WorkXplore quickly opens and processes 3D files with large and even very large volumes.

This software includes a set of tools to simplify and optimize 3D model processing. These tools include 3D file comparison, simple or complex cinematic animations, and large image.

Features and specifications of VERO WorkXplore software:

  • Simple and functional user interface
  • Fast input and output
  • Simple measurement
  • Annotation
  • Analytical functions
  • Animation core to display wide image and move parts
  • Help and documentation
  • Easy sharing of CAD models with people involved in the project

required system

Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz memory 1066 MHz (or more: 1333 MHz) (multicore or multi-processor)
Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 10 Pro 64 Bits (*)
4 GB (or more) of memory with Open / GL 3.3 compatibility (Intel chipsets are not recommended)
500 MB (or more) disk space
19 ″ or 24 ″ Monitor – Minimum resolution 1280 × 1024
8 – 16 GB DDR
Mouse wheel (or minimum 3 mouse buttons)
WEB access (Download)
Installed and configured TCP / IP software (For license server use)

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Installation guide

Available in the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

download link

Download VERO WorkXplore 2021.0.2050 x64
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