ViscomSoft All Components 2017-12-08

ViscomSoft All Components 2017-12-08

viscomsoft is a collection of controls and components for Windows developers that we briefly introduce:

  • Image Viewer CP pro SDK ActiveX: Displays various documents including, pdf, pdf output, image processing, reading 1d and 2d barcodes, taking notes, securing pdf documents and…
  • Scanner SDK ActiveX: Capture images from scanners, digital cameras or capture cards and…
  • Video Chat Pro SDK ActiveX: page sharing, voice and video chat, and…
  • Image Thumbnail CP SDK ActiveX: Displays thumbnails in applications
  • MI Thumbnail SDK ActiveX: Displays thumbnails for movies
  • 3D Carousel SDK ActiveX Control: Display images in one-dimensional scrolling
  • Power Point Viewer Pro SDK ActiveX: Open and create PPTX files
  • Video Broadcast SDK ActiveX: Add extensive video streaming and live streaming capabilities to applications
  • Video Edit Mobile SDK ActiveX: Edit audio and video files in playable format on mobile devices
  • DVD Player SDK ActiveX: Play DVD movies
  • Sound Volume SDK ActiveX: Sound volume control in applications
  • Video Edit SDK ActiveX: Video and audio editing
  • WMV Profile Editor SDK ActiveX: Build WMV 9 profiles in commercial applications
  • Audio Capture SDK ActiveX: Record and edit audio from various inputs such as microphone, line in and…
  • VideoCap Pro SDK ActiveX: Capture video with the ability to place text, images on them, and recognize faces and gestures.
  • VideoCap Mobile SDK ActiveX: Capture AVI, WMV, FLV, iPod, PSP, MPEG1, MPEG2 and فر formats
  • Screen2Video Gold SDK ActiveX: Record desktop screen and save in various formats such as H264 MP4, VCD, SVCD, DVD, AVI, WMV, SWF, FLV
  • Image Viewer CP SDK ActiveX: Works with image display fax
  • PDF Viewer SDK ActiveX: view pdf files, print them, text search and…
  • .NET PDF Viewer SDK: Add the ability to display pdf and tiff files in applications
  • VCD Burner SDK ActiveX: Burn VCD from mpeg files or cue / bin images that can be played on home players
  • Audio CD Burner SDK ActiveX: Burn audio and music CDs that can be played on home and car players
  • Outlook Express SDK ActiveX: Ability to rename, move, delete and create different folders in Outlook Express
  • Movie Player Pro SDK ActiveX: Component for Windows Media Player, text placement on video, various visual effects and…
  • DVD Author SDK ActiveX: Burn DVDs or convert video files to standard DVD formats such as VOB
  • Directshow RTMP Streaming Filter: Work with video and audio stream files
  • Karaoke Mixer SDK ActiveX: Add Karaoke feature to applications (for example, for reading training programs)
  • Free Web Player: Player of video files on websites
  • Video Edit Converter Gold: Convert 3GP, FLV, SWF, iPod, PSP, MP4, RMVB, VCD, SVCD, DVD, MOV, AVI, DIVX, WMV, MP3, WMA, WAV formats to each other
  • Video AVI Converter: Convert different video formats to AVI format with different codes such as DIVX, DV and…
  • Free SlideShow Creator: Create beautiful slide shows from images
  • AV Manager Multimedia Display: Live playback of video files in various formats
  • Easy Image Converter: Easily convert image formats to each other
  • Windows Phone GIF Effect Maker: Create animated gif images with different effects for Windows Phone
  • Windows Phone Face Off Maker: A fun app for Windows Phone that allows people to put their heads on other people’s bodies
  • Windows Phone Collages Maker: Create collage images on Windows Phone and easily share created images
  • Windows Phone Camera Cool: Windows Phone entertainment app for taking pictures and taking notes, telephoto and various frames around the image

viscomsoft is a comprehensive package for different needs of programmers, which in addition to ease of use, also provides complete documentation.

Installation guide

Copy the contents of the Crack folder to the software installation location.

Download link (new versions at the top of the list)

Download Viscom_Movie_Player_Pro_SDK_ActiveX_8.8

Download Viscomsoft_.Net_Image_Viewer_SDK_v1.1

Download Viscomsoft_.NET_PDF_Viewer_Pro_SDK_v2.5

Download Viscomsoft_.NET_PDF_Viewer_SDK_v1.5

Download Viscomsoft_.Net_Video_Capture_SDK_v2.0

Download Scanner_ActiveX_Pro_Control_v6.5.0.1

Download Viscom_Scanner_ActiveX_Control_v7.2.0.1

Download ViscomSoft_Carousel_ActiveX_Control_2.2.0.1

Download ViscomSoft_Data_Burner_ActiveX_Control_4.1.0.1

Download ViscomSoft_Image_Viewer_CP_Gold_ActiveX_9.6.1.0

Download ViscomSoft_Karaoke_Mixer_ActiveX_Control_3.0.0.1

Download ViscomSoft_MI_Thumbnail_ActiveX_2.2.0.0

Download ViscomSoft_Movie_Player_Gold_ActiveX_Control_4.2.0.0

Download ViscomSoft_Screen2Video_Gold_ActiveX_Control_3.0

Download ViscomSoft_Video_Chat_Pro_ActiveX_Control_9.0

Download ViscomSoft_VideoCap_Live_ActiveX_Control_7.0

Download ViscomSoft_VideoCap_Mobile_ActiveX_Control_6.0

Download ViscomSoft_VideoCap_Pro_ActiveX_Control_9.0

Download ViscomSoft_VideoEdit_Gold_ActiveX_Control_12.0

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