VisSim 6.0 + Addons

VisSim 6.0 + Addons

VisSim is the fastest and easiest solution for simulating dynamic systems and model-based design of embedded systems. VisSim is up to 10 times faster than other competitors’ simulation products. This product is actually a visual language for modeling and simulating nonlinear dynamic systems. Includes 9 integrated methods, 4 optimization methods and more than 200 scalar and vector block functions. The unparalleled power of VisSim, the ease of use and reliability of this software, has made it one of the essential tools for a wide range of engineering projects in various industries and disciplines.

Features of VisSim:

  • Convenient drag drop of various blocks
  • More than 120 linear and nonlinear blocks built-in
  • Support for Newton-Raphson integrated solutions for dynamic systems with implicit equations
  • Toolbox of functions for control, design of electromechanical, hydraulic, signal processing, electrical, chemical, thermal and turbine systems
  • Interact with buttons, sliders and dialogs and…
  • Laplace transforms in the S domain and support for Z discrete operations
  • Extensive matrix operations including inversion, multiplication, minimum and maximum matrices
  • Optimization of nonlinear parameters
  • DLL wizards for custom blocks ++ C / C, Fortran and Pascal
  • Support for synchronous and asynchronous DDEs
  • Read and write data files in txt, csv, m, eav and mat files
  • Built-in C Interpreter
  • State machine code generator and simulator
  • Ability to output logs in different formats
  • Free VisSim Viewer

Installation guide

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