Visual Guard Enterprise 2018.1.720

Visual Guard is a modular solution that covers most software security needs. From application-level security systems to enterprise identity management and access systems. This software package supports all Windows applications, software and web services and simplifies security management. With the help of an account and using an API in all applications, you can access all your software and control their security.

Visual Guard Features:

  • Complies with most architectures and technical requirements
  • Verify user identity with various authentication methods
  • Manage large numbers of users using the management console
  • Find Visual Guard components and security management consoles
  • Centralized security, fast implementation, full features, programmable…
  • User management, user authentication, user licensing, auditing and reporting
  • Support for all types of software (Windows, web, web service, n-tiers and…)
  • Protected applications can use multiple technologies (.Net, Java, C ++, PowerBuilder.).

Installation guide

Register the software using the Keygen in the Crack folder.

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