Visual Importer Enterprise

Visual Importer Enterprise

Visual Importer is, in short, an ETL tool for data storage. ETL stands for Extract Transform Load, which means extracting, refining, and loading information. The information stored in the data warehouse is ultimately used for strategic decisions for the managers of an organization, while the database and even an ERP system may be one of the raw and unrefined inputs to the data warehouse.

Storing information in a data warehouse requires steps. In the Extract step , raw data is first collected from one or more different sources. In the Transform neighborhood, the data is refined and ready to be stored in the warehouse, and in the last step, Load, the refined information is stored in the data warehouse without any particular change. There are many software tools for this, and Visual Importer is one of the powerful programs in this field.

This software includes graphical tools and wizards for creating and debugging automation packages, FTP operations, executing SQL commands, managing files and extracting data from various data sources. Unlike DTS, SSIS and Oracle Warehouse builde tools, this program can also send and receive emails and process attachments. Visual Importer has helped hundreds of businesses automate their business processes and day-to-day tasks by combining different ETL steps into a single software package.

Features and specifications of Visual Importer:

  • Automation of complex business processes
  • Import data into different databases
  • Execute SQL scripts
  • Compress files and decompress them
  • Compress files using MD5
  • Copy, cut, rename and delete files
  • Upload and download files
  • Receive and process emails and their attachments
  • send mail

Installation guide

Available in the Readme.txt file.

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