Visual Micro for VS 2017-2019
Visual Micro

Visual Micro for VS 2017-2019


Visual Micro Arduino is a Visual Studio plugin for connecting to Arduino boards and programming them. Arduino are a group of smart, integrated and compact electronic boards marketed by Arduino to facilitate microcontroller programming. A microcontroller is a smart chip that, like a computer’s RAM, has a processor and input and output ports, and is capable of performing a variety of tasks with programming. The traditional and old method of programming microcontrollers is that after selecting the desired microcontroller, it should be connected to the computer through a programmer and serial ports, and after programming, it should be installed and ready to be used in the desired circuit. It is more difficult with hardware and of course coding that beginners may have trouble getting started with microcontrollers.

Arduino has come to make this process easier. Arduino boards have a programmer inside and there is a USB port for programming and connecting the board, all you need is to connect the board to the computer via the USB port and put the program you want in it Pour. After planning the board, it will do its job automatically according to the existing schedule. Arduino boards have different applications and by connecting different sensors to its inputs as well as different control modules to its output, various projects such as: smart irrigation, smart home, face recognition, flying robots and. Can be done.

Other features;

The programming language used by Ardiono is based on the Wiring language and its coding environment is also based on Processing. The interesting thing about Ardiono micro-programming is that here, unlike in the past, when you had to send values ​​to micro-bases with assembly language and low-level coding, you came up with an interface operating system that Ardiono himself put inside these microcontrollers. You will have work and with a simpler language and a wide range of powerful libraries, you can put your desired program into the microphones much faster and more flexibly. Visual Micro Arduino adds the company’s official ID to Visual Studio as a plug-in, and users will be able to enjoy the unique benefits of the Visual Studio development environment while programming Arduino circuits.

required system

Visual Studio 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017


Visual Micro

See Also ADINA System 9.7.0 Windows / 9.6.3 Linux

Installation guide

This plugin is usually published in cracked form.

download link

Download Visual Micro for VS 2017 – 2019 (Visual Studio IDE for Arduino)
Download Visual Micro 2020.708.7 for VS 2017 – 2019 (Visual Studio IDE for Arduino)
Download Visual Micro (Visual Studio IDE for Arduino) for VS 2017-2019
Download Visual Micro (Visual Studio IDE for Arduino) 2020.318.1 for VS 2017-2019
Download Visual Micro (Visual Studio IDE for Arduino) 1912.28.2 for VS 2017-2019
Download Visual Micro 1902.17 (Visual Studio IDE for Arduino) for VS 2012-2019
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