Visual Studio Code 1.47 x86 / x64

Visual Studio Code is Microsoft’s new coding tool that meets most of the needs of developers. This coding environment is designed to compete with other products such as Sublime and Nodepad ++ . Microsoft has provided a lot of features in a simple environment in its new product, which has not been released for more than a few years. In addition to being familiar with the syntax of dozens of programming languages, and as soon as it is coded, it detects the coding language and activates the syntax highlighting associated with it. Visual Studio Code is not just a coding tool; You can install many tools for compiling, debugging, beautifying code, etc. by installing various extensions.

Basically, the power of Code Editors depends on the size of the plugins and the user community. One of the most important features of this software can be considered regular updates and quick updates of its extensions, so that at least once a month you will see several updates, usually with various bug fixes of the new feature in each version. The program is available to developers on all three platforms Windows, Mac and Linux, and the good news is that unlike Microsoft’s popular IDE, Visual Studio , this software is completely free and open source. And what better way than to develop a tool for developers themselves. The program currently has hundreds of active developers who are constantly improving it, and this is a sign of the good future of this product.

Features of Visual Studio Code:

  • Supports most programming languages
  • Ability to add to default languages ​​using extensions
  • With a large number of extensions with the possibility of automatic updates
  • Quick and regular program updates
  • Simple and beautiful coding environment
  • Ability to use compile and debug plugins
  • Has a code map
  • Auto-complete codes
  • Smart browser with support for Rex
  • Text commands terminal
  • Display function parameters
  • Ability to jump directly to functions and methods
  • Display Markdown files in compiled form
  • Ability to use source control

Installation guide

This tool is free and has no restrictions.

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Download Visual Studio Code 1.47.0 x86

Download Visual Studio Code 1.47.0 x64

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