VisualSVN 7.2.0 / 6.6.0 / Server Enterprise 4.1.3

VisualSVN is a plugin that adds the ability to control the source or subversion based version of the Visual Studio environment. Developers often use source control or version control tools to maintain different versions of their code. What these tools do is maintain and track changes made to code and files. This means that if your code is changed intentionally or unintentionally, or your code becomes unavailable for any reason, you can easily go back to the previous version.

Subversion is a popular version control system that is widely used by programmers (especially older ones). This system does not have a graphical interface by itself and can be used as command line commands. For the convenience of users, various graphical interfaces have been designed for this system.

For programmers

VisualSVN is also a graphical interface for .NET programmers who are specifically dependent on Visual Studio. This tool is added to the Visual Studio environment as a plugin, and programmers will be able to use the subversion capability to control the version of their project graphically without leaving the coding environment.

Easily comet your changes, switch to different versions of the code, make risky and extensive changes in separate branches, and after ensuring the correct operation, easily integrate with the mainstream of the code, view the change history, Compare different files and their variations and many other features that you will discover after use.

With simple source control tools and graphical interfaces such as VisualSVN, your code will be Undoable forever. It should be noted that the subversion is a centralized control system and is most used in small individual and team projects, for Large and international projects, especially open source projects, now use distributed version control systems such as git, the same system that GitHub currently uses.

Features of VisualSVN Plugin:

  • Colored lights to display file status (eg green: unchanged files, yellow: modified, red: interfering, etc.)
  • Track background changes without interfering with coding
  • Display status for any file and folder
  • Ability to display the general status of the project, for example green, ie all changes are saved
  • Easy return of applied changes
  • Easily save changes
  • Ability to compare and merge different files and track their changes
  • Detailed view of different versions of a file or folder
  • Elimination of coding interferences (suitable for joint team activities)
  • Simple wizards to set up tools
  • Very simple operation (people who have worked with TortoisSVN before, this tool has exactly the same functionality)
  • Automatically add new files and folders to the code repository
  • Convenient switch between different branches of code

Installation guide

Register the program using the Patch file in the Crack folder; See the Readme.txt file for the Visual Studio version.

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Download VisualSVN Server Enterprise 4.1.3 x86

Download VisualSVN Server Enterprise 4.1.3 x64

Download VisualSVN 7.2.0 for VS 2019

Download VisualSVN 6.6.0 for VS 2017

Download VisualSVN 6.1.1 Site-Pro-Ent

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