vMix Pro Multilingual

vMix Pro Multilingual

vMix is ​​software for video mixing. Using the latest hardware technologies, this program has made it possible for users of desktop systems to mix HD videos, something that used to be done by expensive equipment and special mixing hardware. vMix is ​​one of the most complete live video file mixing software that has many capabilities, such as: live mix, switching, direct recording of SD, HD, 4K video streams from various sources such as camera, video files, DVDs, images, PowerPoint and…. The program also supports hardware solutions for live production, for example vMix Go is a hardware solution that will allow you to connect to 8 different cameras simultaneously. Whether you are looking for live concerts, sporting events or even simple web-based productions, this app will meet your needs well.

Features of vMix:

  • Receive input from various sources such as 4K, HD, SD and و cameras, video files in various formats, DVDs, audio files and…
  • Possibility of live mix
  • Enjoy 13 different transitions and effects
  • Low consumption of system resources and the possibility of optimal execution even on medium systems
  • Ability to create a delay or instant playback of various video sources
  • Built-in sound mixer
  • Live video effects (ie you will be able to apply effects while capturing live)
  • View video from different views
  • Take advantage of 4 overlay channels to apply more effects

Installation guide

Version 22:

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

Version 20:

The original method does not work at the moment; There is a modified method.

In case of release of crack or new version.

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