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First to introduce the Samsung voice command callIn Samsung phones, the Voice Assistant can act as your eyes when you use your mobile phone. Its capabilities allow you to have maximum control over your mobile phone, even if you are unable to view the device. When Voice Assistant is enabled, your phone provides voice feedback to assist blind and combo users.

For example, it explains what you touched, selected and activated. You will also be able to edit text or change various settings such as volume or speech speed through regular hand tapping or finger gestures. Google’s first voice assistant is Google Now, which supports a variety of Google services. Google Now feature is enabled by saying the word Ok Google or touching the microphone icon at the bottom of the Android device browser and users can easily use it. Google Now feature can run the app even without touching the screen of the mobile phone once.

For example, by calling Google Now and then saying Open Chrome, it instructs the assistant to run the Chrome application, and if this application is not available on the device, it will provide you with a download link through Google Play.



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One of the features of Google Now is the definition of a word, which you can get by calling Google and stating Define at the beginning of the word you want. This feature is a very useful feature for English language students.

After Google Now, the company developed another smart voice assistant called Google Assistant, which is a smarter and, of course, more talkative version of Google Now. There are more features in Google Assistant than Google Now. For example, if you want to be aware of the weather on a daily basis from the Google Now app, what is the recurring question today? Google Assistant does not need to do this. You can ask the app to announce the weather at a specific time each morning.



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In this section , we will get acquainted with the introduction of Xiaomi voice command . The scope of voice command functionality does not end with famous voice assistants such as Android Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Samsung Bixby and Amazon Alexa. One of the most popular voice assistants is Xiao AI, which in addition to Xiaomi phones in some of the company’s products.

Used. Xiao Ai is enabled on Xiaomi products such as smart speakers, TVs, etc. با However, Xiaomi is determined to enable Xiao AI on all of its products. The MIUI Group has officially announced the Xiaomi Mi 6, Xiaomi Mi 9SE, Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro support the ability to turn on the phone with Xiao Ai voice command.



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Users of the above phones should upgrade their Xiao Ai version to version 4.6 or higher. To enable this feature, go to the SettingsXiao Ai Lab menu and enable the Voice Wake-up option. However, the only way to turn it on The phone does not use Xiao Ai.

The MIUI team has provided instructions on how to use the Xiao AI voice assistant to turn on the phone. To announce the word wake up, place the phone at a distance of 30 cm from the face. Make sure you have the latest Xiao AI and MIUI installed on your phone. Make sure the top microphone path of your phone is not closed.


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At the end, with the introduction of the  calls by voice command Huawei serve you see  assistant HiAssistant Huawei has been developing and there may be other digital assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Asystnt challenge.

Huawei is launching an AI-based service called HiAssistant and voice command support. As a new competitor, Huawei Smart Assistant is likely to offer the same features that Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby have in China in a way that they cannot. Huawei HiAssistant voice assistant has evolved from HiVoice. Powered by Huawei HiAi platform, this digital assistant seems to be ready to offer all the features that can be found in other voice assistants.



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HiAssistant, like Google Assistant, is capable of recognizing various objects and, like Alexa, will integrate with e-commerce and search services. What sets Huawei HiAssistant Voice Assistant apart from its competitors is its deep integration with the Chinese market.

It seems that artificial intelligence in HiAssistant application will be able to do various tasks such as sending messages on social networks and services such as QQ and WeChat or sending payments to major Chinese banks. Of course, given the advantage of Huawei’s position in its domestic market, offering such features is not so surprising. The new P20 series phones that will be introduced soon will probably also support this digital assistant.

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