Waterfox 56.2.14 x64 / 2020.07.1 Classic

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Waterfox is a high-performance browser based on Mozilla Firefox source code. This code is designed and compiled specifically for 64-bit Windows computers. To further enhance Waterfox, it was compiled with an optimizer that runs more efficiently and faster than Mozilla Firefox as a 64-bit program. This browser is based on current Firefox and works in exactly the same way. Aside from its name on the menu at the top of the main window, it is no different from Firefox. Waterfox shares Firefox settings. So if you are using Firefox, do not click on “Delete all personal information”. Also, all add-ons work on any platform in any version of Firefox. According to the designers of this browser, Waterfox was created to increase speed.

Features of Waterfox Browser:

  • Compiled in Intel C ++ compiler
  • Intel Math Library
  • Advanced vector extensions
  • O3 switch
  • Support for 64-bit plugins
  • 100% compatibility of extensions

 Waterfox 56.2.14 x64

 Waterfox 56.2.12 Portable

 Waterfox Classic 2020.07.1 x64 Multilingual

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