Wavefunction Spartan 14 v1.1.4

Wavefunction Spartan 14 v1.1.4

Spartan is a suitable software for molecular modeling and analysis for computational chemistry. This program with its unique visualization will show you a perspective beyond numbers and calculations. With the power of computer graphics, Spartan allows chemical engineers to graphically perform accurate molecular modeling based on parameters and precise calculations, which can be used in conformational analysis, optimization of molecular structures, spectral analysis and investigation. Used atomic and molecular properties. It is possible to study molecular mechanics in this program, in this program it is possible to work with semi-experimental methods, elementary models, functional models and dense-axis models, it is even possible to work with post-Hartree-Fock models and thermochemistry instructions including G3 and T1 It is also possible.

The basic functions of this software provide you with information about the structure of the molecule, its relative stability and other properties of molecular isolation. Complex molecular mechanics is a common practice in chemistry circles. In Spartan, it is easy to perform these calculations as well as various quantum calculations, including post-Hartree – Fock, and to study molecular orbitals, especially those related to electron correlations, which are more time consuming. Spartan applies computational chemistry methods (theoretical models) to a number of standard tasks that use computational data to determine molecular image, equilibrium and transition structures, MMR, IR, Raman, visible UV spectra, atomic molecular properties, and chemical reactions. use. Currently, this program is offered for three platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux, and users can benefit from the capabilities of this software in the desired environment.

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