Ways to reduce the use of computer RAM

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reduce PC RAM usage

First of all, one of the things users do to upgrade their system is to upgrade the RAM to ensure better and faster software performance. Before testing the methods to reduce the use of computer RAM , it is good to make sure that your PC is not affected by some malware. Because many times users upgrade their Windows from 7 and 8.1 to 10 without realizing it, they move the malware from the previous operating system to the new one.

To be on the safe side, you can install anti-malware tools such as MalwareBytes to accurately scan your PC and take the first step to reduce PC RAM usage . Restart the computer after scanning. If this problem persists, move on to the next solution to dramatically reduce your RAM and even CPU usage.

As you know, a hard drive is much slower than RAM , which is why a system with a small amount of memory can slow down very quickly with multiple programs running at the same time, such as a web browser when With a lot of tabs open, system slowness can be easily predicted, but fortunately there are ways to reduce PC RAM usage that are free and can help reduce your system memory and keep it smoother for longer. And as a result the performance of your computer improves.

Reduce PC RAM usage by restarting

Restart your computer. This is something you are probably familiar with and that is why it is so popular. By restarting the PC, the memory is cleared and all running programs are reset. Of course, this method does not increase your RAM, but it removes running processes from the background and RAM.

Reduce computer RAM usage by checking the amount of RAM usage

You do not have to guess what RAM is used and what is most used; Windows has a tool that automatically shows you. To get started, open Task Manager or use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Esc .

Under Processes , the list of programs running and the amount of RAM, CPU   , disk, network and GPU view, the Memory click on its name in Msrfh in descending order and the programs that most RAM consumption will be visible, for more information and details, enter the Performance tab and then click on Memory .

Reduce computer RAM usage

Ways to reduce the use of computer RAM 

Reduce PC RAM usage by deleting or disabling software

Now that you know which programs use the most RAM on your system, think about whether you are actually using them. Apps that you have not opened for months are just wasting resources on your computer, so you should remove them. To do this, go to Settings and then click on Apps , you can delete them by selecting the Uninstall button .

If you do not want to uninstall programs, you may think that sometimes you may need them, you can prevent them from running at startup, because many programs are set so that each time you log in, Dont run automatically.

Reduce computer RAM usage


Reduce the use of computer RAM through the use of light programs and program management

First, try using lighter options. If you have problems when you open Photoshop, use a smaller program such as Paint.NET for minor edits . Only use Photoshop when you need to work on a project .

In addition, pay more attention to the programs you have opened. Close any software you are not actively working on. Close the browser tabs to free up RAM .

Reduce PC RAM usage by detecting malware

This is very important and valuable because many malware causes your system RAM to be occupied and malfunctioning. We recommend that you  use Malwarebytes software , if nothing is found in your system, at least safely rule it out. You do.

Download Malwarebytes software

Reduce computer RAM usage

Reduce computer RAM usage by adjusting virtual memory

If you see error messages that your system is low on virtual memory and … you can enter the control panel and then select System , in the next step , click on Advanced system settings .

How to reduce the use of computer RAM

Then in the Advanced tab , click on Settings , now click on Advanced again and finally select the Change button .

You will now see the dimensions for your main drive. In most cases, you can set aside the AutoControl box by selecting   Automatically manage  and let Windows take care of it. But if you have low virtual memory, you need to remove this option and set the initial size and maximum size to higher values .


Reduce PC RAM usage through Ready Boost

If your computer still has an old mechanical hard drive ( HDD ), you can try a lesser-known Windows feature called ReadyBoost to increase RAM. This feature allows you to connect a flash drive or SD card that Windows effectively uses as extra RAM. Of course, keep in mind that if your computer has an SSD , ReadyBoost will not work. This is because an SSD is faster than a flash drive.

Reduce computer RAM usage

Reduce computer RAM usage by upgrading RAM

If you really have low RAM and want to run more programs at the same time and there is no solution for it, you need to add another RAM to your device. Hiwatek RAM Memory article is a good guide for you to get enough information about the amount and model of your system RAM.


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