What are valid antiviruses and how to buy it from the site and rank them and learn how to install eset
valid antiviruses

What are valid antiviruses and how to buy it from the site and rank them and learn how to install eset

What are valid antiviruses and how to buy it from the site and rank them and learn how to install eset

In this article, we want to introduce you to reputable and international antiviruses.

By reviewing and comparing them, we will help you to prepare one of these antiviruses according to your needs.

The biggest concern about antivirus and malware is from users of the Windows operating system.

Especially users who are constantly connected to the Internet and have to open different sites.

The people who make and spread viruses have no intention of destroying your files and operating system.

But in recent years, incentives such as monetizing and selling people’s personal files have also led to Ransomware malware.

A virus that locks files and returns files in exchange for a pre-determined amount.

Recommended antivirus

I recommend BitDefender software for home users and small businesses.

I recommend Kaspersky Anti-Virus for users who use high-end server systems .

Regarding this choice and recommendation, BitDefender antivirus has a higher speed than Kaspersky in normal systems, but in the discussion of identifying HackTool  ,  Malware  ,  Worm  ,  Spyware  ,  Trojan  ,  Ransomware are almost on the same level.

  • Eset Antivirus is faster.
  • It slows down the operating system less
  • In terms of virus detection and flash memory scanning, it has a lower speed and power than BitDefender antivirus.

In various polls, users were more interested in Eset antivirus.

This is due to the low cost of licenses and the availability of free licenses.

If we ignore these issues, the only major advantage of Eset over BitDefender is its very high speed and compatibility with weaker systems.

Here are some rankings done by experts so you can easily compare yourself and make the right choice.


Ranking based on detection speed and virus removal power

(HackTool, Malware, Worm, Spyware, Trojan, Ransomware , etc.)



New Windows 10 clipboard and usage history

What are valid antiviruses and how to buy it from the site and rank them and learn how to install eset

Ranking in terms of the least impact on user system speed

(Antiviruses with more charts are less likely to slow down the system)


Ranking in terms of detection speed Flash Memory and find the virus


Ranking in terms of capability and high efficiency

(Speed ​​and power of scanning when copying, installing software, deleting software and compressing files)

Learn how to buy the right antivirus from the reputable iransetup site

  • To do this, open the iransetup site at http://www.iransetup.com/index.html,
  • On the first page of the site, you can see the catalog related to the introduced antivirus.
  • As shown in the picture below, select your antivirus according to the rating and description to open the relevant purchase page.


  • In the page that opens, for example the Bitdefender page, select the option to purchase a license (inside the box specified).
  • Buy the required license according to the required license

3D Max installation guide

How to install antivirus nod eset nod 32

To start installing antivirus, you must download a file compatible with your operating system.

Inside the iransetup site, the same section as the option to purchase a license (previous photo ) There is also a download option.

  • To download, you need to know if your operating system version is 32-bit or x64, follow the instructions below to determine the operating system version first.

On Windows 7 and above; In Run (button to open run + R) Type msinfo32.exe.

Click OK.

In the screen that opens on the right side of the window, find the phrase System Type.

If it started with x64, your windows is 64Bit.

Otherwise, your Windows is 32Bit.

Once the antivirus download is complete, run the file.

Start the installation according to the above steps.

In the first step, after executing the file, select the Continue option.

Install eset

  • In the second stage of installation, you can activate your license in the software using the Use a purchased option.
  • If you do not have a license yet, you can select the Skip activation option at the bottom right of the page to get to the third step of installation.

What are valid antiviruses and how to buy it from the site and rank them and learn how to install eset

Top and essential Windows software in 2021

  • In the third step, just select the Continue option.

What are valid antiviruses?


  • In the fourth step, according to the photo, it is specified which option to choose,
  • Check the Enable option for both parts.



  • At this stage you can use the Change installation folder option to change the installation location of the virus immediately.
  • Otherwise, select yes and click Install.



  • In this step, just select the install option.



  • The installation process is complete and you have to wait until this installation reaches 100% and restart the system once after installation.