What causes the phone to overheat?

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A common and unanswered question is why does my phone get hot? Note that your phone heats up from time to time, which is perfectly normal and can be due to hours of use, making phone calls, and so on. Inside your phone, the processor, camera, screen, battery and other components can generate a lot of heat when used, on the other hand it is an electronic device and electronic devices work by moving electricity and generating heat. To be. But if your phone constantly delivers heat to a place that is unbearable and makes you clumsy, it can be a serious problem that eventually accelerates the aging process of your phone.

While computers and laptops have fans to cool them, cell phones do not. Instead, they use a special coating on the internal circuits for better heat dissipation. So most of the time, when your phone is working properly, it does not give you much heat and you can keep it normal.

So in a nutshell, now that you are looking for reasons why mobile phones get hot, keep in mind that a little heat is not a concern, and if you receive an error message due to heat or due to heat When the phone stops working, you should look for a solution to fix it.





Where does the heat of a cell phone come from?

When the phone temperature rises, the most likely culprit and cause of the phone overheating is the battery, processor or screen. Each of these components can generate heat. The chemicals in your phone’s battery generate electricity, the processor transmits information at high speeds (like a computer), and the screen of your phone emits itself.

Behind the phone

If the back of your phone gets hot, the battery may be overheating. Most modern cell phones use Li-Ion (lithium ion) batteries that, despite their size, pack a powerful punch. Li-Ion batteries are generally safe, but there are some drawbacks, such as the explosion of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery. A hot battery can also be a sign of the need to replace it.

Reasons why mobile phones get hot

Down the phone

If the bottom of the phone is hot while charging then there may be a problem with the charger. If you use an iPhone or Android , the most reliable charger is the one provided by your phone manufacturer. Contrary to popular belief, fake chargers are also good as long as they are purchased from a reputable source.

Above the battery

If the heating point of the device is higher than the battery, this heat is due to the speaker or screen.


What are the reasons for mobile phones to become hot?

There are several perfectly normal (and harmless) reasons why your phone may need to use more energy than usual and cause it to overheat, including:

1. Play for a long time

If you are interested in Candy Crush or Snake vs. Block , etc. You should know that the reason why the phone gets hot is the breadth of games available in mobile applications and having fun with them for a long time. Gaming apps heavily use the graphics processing unit and core processor of your phone, which makes your phone hot.

2. Content playback

Similar to the game scenario, watching YouTube or Netflix for hours via Android or iPhone is another reason for mobile phones to overheat due to over-processing of your phone’s processor, as it loads video data and keeps the screen active for a while. Its long duration is a sufficient reason for the phone to overheat.

3. Lack of optimal settings

Your phone settings also affect power consumption. Screen brightness, moving wallpaper, widgets, etc. can all cause the phone to overheat. Avoid making unnecessary adjustments to prevent your mobile phone from aging quickly.

Cause the phone overheats

The other reasons we want to state below may not be related to the normal processes of your phone but can still be corrected and improved:

4. Environmental factors

Putting the phone on a hot day in the sun or in a car can cause it to overheat. It also causes the touch screen to malfunction and drains the battery faster. In addition to exposure to the sun and heat, damage can also be a cause of over-ignition of the phone.

5. Update applications

If an app has another bug or problem, your device may overheat using the processor. Updating your programs is important because these update commands are often buggy and mandatory.

Reasons why mobile phones get hot

6. Software update

Rarely, a phone may overheat after an update, this problem can be caused by the operating system and goes away with the software update.

Solve the problem of cell phone overheating 

Now that we know the reasons why mobile phones get hot , in this part of the article we want to introduce ways to cool down and solve the problem of hot phones.

Use less energy

There are many applications that can reduce cell phone battery consumption and help maintain battery life, these applications are easily accessible and installed through app stores.

Install cleaning software

Another useful way to minimize battery drain and CPU power on your phone is cleaning software, cleaning programs like AVG Cleaner make it easy to delete unwanted files and remove useless pre-installed programs. To help improve the performance of your phone and increase its battery life.

Reasons why mobile phones get hot

Dim your screen brightness

Keeping the screen at a reasonable brightness will reduce some of the phone’s battery pressure.

Turn off Wi-Fi , GPS and Bluetooth

Disabling battery drain features like the ones above will keep your phone warm and allow you to cool down.

Restart your phone

Restarting your mobile phone can prevent overheating due to minor software issues.

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