What do the options in the WiFi modem settings mean ?

WiFi modem settings
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What do the options in the WiFi modem settings mean?

Wireless settings

In this article, we will discuss the settings in the wireless modem section.

And by introducing the available options and its applications, we try to improve its security and efficiency.

To enter the wireless section, first enter the setup and select the wlan or wireless    option.


  • Disable Wireless LAN Interfac:

Disable the wireless interface

If enabled, this wireless option will be disabled on the modem.

On some modems you can select the ENABLE, Disable option.

  • Band

In this section you can change the Wi-Fi signal strength of your modem.

It is better to stay by default and according to the image below and do not change the option.

  • Mode

In this section, you can change your modem as a router or AP access point

  • SSID

In this section, the name of the wireless modem is present by default, which is usually the same as the modem brand.

You can change this name as you wish.

Make sure the name selected is in English.

  • Channel Width

In this section you can manually change your wireless channel.

Due to not interfering with other wireless or overlapping with other frequencies, the wireless channel can be changed.

These interferences will weaken or disrupt the wireless.

  • Control Sideband

This setting should be entered according to the type of your modem (GHz of your modem) which is in MHz.

It is best not to make any changes that will weaken your modem signal

  • Channel Number

If it has two modems in one place, you can set each one on one channel because there is no interference.

In communication between two modems to amplify the signal are placed in one channel.

  • Radio Power

In this section, you can increase or decrease the range of your Wi-Fi signal.

You can do this by changing the percentage of range in this section.

  • Associated Clients

Here you can see the number of clients connected to WiFi along with the Mac of that system.




If you do not want anyone to connect to your wireless network without a password, enter this section.



In this section you can specify your encryption type.

It is usually set to root by default.

  • Encryption

Here, depending on the type of modem and the type of performance, you can change the security of your modem and wireless.

Create security for your modem by clicking on the wpa2 mixed option.

Choosing the wrong wireless security compromises your modem.

  • Use 802.1x Authentication

The purpose of this option in wireless modem is to improve the security network in encryption.

Identify users who intend to connect to LANs such as LAN Local Area Network and WLAN Wireless Local Area Network.


What do the options in the WiFi modem settings mean?

  • WPA Authentication Mode

In this section, you can specify the personal and company standard of encryption in the modem.

(Personal Pre-Shared Key / Enterprise RADIUS)


  • Pre-Shared Key Format

Specifies the format type in the modem Wi-Fi password selection.


  • Pre-Shared Key

Select the desired password to connect to the modem via Wi-Fi


  • Authentication RADIUS Server

In this part, the server that is to be connected to the wireless through this modem can be authenticated.

By giving ip address, port, password, clients that are connected to the server can be authenticated.



In this section you can create several names for wireless modems with different passwords and different encryptions.


  • Enable VAP

Selecting this option will enable the settings in the new SSID.


  • SSID

Choose a second name for your modem.


  • Broadcast SSID

Here you can hide or reveal your modem by tapping Enable Disable.


  • Relay Blocking

In this part you can block the signal booster


  • Authentication Type

Specifies the type of encryption in the open ssid or having the password in the second ssid.

wi fi


access control list In this section you can define the systems to be connected by giving the MAC address.

And restrict the connection to the desired Wi-Fi.

wi fi

You can do the following eight steps in your wireless network when faced with a series of outages.

Change Channel on the console

Reduce the distance of the system from the wireless modem

Change the type of cryptography


As a result, you can configure your wireless settings, such as your wireless password, encryption type, and client connection restrictions.

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