What is happiness ?

What is happiness ?


What is happiness?

What is happiness?

When we are asked what is happiness, we don’t really have an answer. The best thing to do is pause for a few seconds and ask ourselves: Am I really happy? Do I feel happy? To answer these questions, we do not need to know the meaning of happiness.

If you ask this question to different people, you will surely get different answers. The question now is, is there really one definition of happiness? What is the significance of this definition?What can the definition of happiness bring you? How can a person taste the sweet taste of happiness? How can we define happiness in the twenty-first century in a way that reflects our changing world?

Remember that happiness is not the point. When you ask people to describe the word to you, many say that happiness is the day they share and enjoy with others. Happiness is not something you seek in the world outside of you. Happiness is within you.The problem is that many do not understand this very well and look for happiness in the outside world.


Someone said that I see happiness next to someone who can make me happy. This theory sounds great. We all need people in our lives to be by our side and make us happy.

We ourselves would like to be one of those people. That is why we are afraid to leave our friends, we do not like to say no to others, we do not want to disturb them. I think one of the most important things that affect our happiness is to think about the opinions of others.What do others say about us? Do they bother us? Do they like our behaviour? Do they agree with the way we dress or the way we live? All this makes people not taste the sweet taste of happiness.

All this will make you change the following:

  • your activities
  • what you say.
  • The behavior you show .
  • The thoughts that you have in your head.
  • The goals you want to achieve.
  • The way you choose to live.
  • Even the things you wear on a daily basis.

The only thing that can free us from this mindset is to have faith in ourselves and know we want for ourselves. Even if we are different from others. Even if we dress differently from them.

When you let Your happiness depend on pleasing others, you can no longer develop this feeling.

Now you have to see how you can change this situation to your advantage. The first step to change is to trust yourself. Check your confidence level.For example, can you tell a friend or family member that you don’t agree with his or her views on a particular issue but still respect his or her views? If not, you need to change yourself.

What do you have to change? Since many take their happiness from the outside, their self-confidence may be affected by external forces. That is why in order to achieve peace, you should try to develop the skills within you so that you can have your own happiness and self-confidence.


Many of us have had many bad days and good days in our lives. Suppose you have lost the dog you always loved. Even after a few months, you still can’t control your emotions. The question now is, after your dog dies, do you always have to hug grieving knees? Can you no longer experience the happiness you once had?

I’ve learned over the years that Humans can feel joy and happiness even in the worst circumstances of life .

When we lose a loved one, we can’t eat for a few months, go for a walk, or do our daily chores properly. However, after a few months, we have to get used to and adapt to the current situation.

We are the ones who are still alive and breathing. We cannot leave life forever with the death of a loved one. Yes, this event is annoying and bitter for every human being. But we must be patient and strive for happiness. Teach yourself that life has many difficult days.You have to change your feelings under any circumstances and return to the previous happy mood.

Realize that negative feelings and behaviors can take you away from happiness and enjoyment of life. Think carefully about the hardest day you’ve ever had. Yes, this incident was very painful for you. I’m sorry I had to remind you of that again.

How troublesome were those difficult days for you? You may have lost your job. You may have hospitalized your loved one. You may have lost the best person in your life. Yes, all of these things can happen to anyone in their life. It is up to you to decide on the difficult days of life. Try to stay away from the pain you feel. Looking for a new job.Take care of a loved one and be thankful that you are healthy and can help them.

Well, let me ask the above question again. Can you be happy after your dog dies? Maybe not. But you can experience both joy and sadness. This choice is up to you.

You are the one who chooses to accept or reject something. It is up to you to decide what you think of it. If you decide to remember the annoying moments forever, your life will be bitter. Let’s think of a good solution to this situation.

If you haven’t found the joy and happiness you’ve always been looking for in your life, ask yourself:

  • What is the opposite feeling that I have in this case?
  • What experience did you have that created such a feeling in me?

Research shows that by remembering happy moments, our brain does not fully understand the sad moment in which it is located and releases the same chemicals it emits when it is happy.


There has been an important question on my mind for some time.Am I happy and lucky? I always wanted to know what happiness is. And what does it bring me. After a while I realized yes I am happy. I looked at the months and years of my life. Like many of you, I’ve had many bad days. But the number of good moments I spent with my loved ones was not few.

Despite all those bad days, I still feel happy. How is this possible? What lessons can be learned from this situation? For example, at some point in my life, I experienced a lot of pain. The pain that left me no escape. However, I always reminded myself that I was still alive and breathing.I went to the beach and shared my experience with others. I have listened to the birds. I was trying to calm myself.



My daughter had a terrible day a few weeks ago…

I didn’t feel much better after hearing this news. I felt sorry for her. It was an outside force that prevented me from feeling happy. But do you know what made me happy? That I’m still alive and I can hold my daughter’s hand and listen to her pain. When I looked at the subject from this angle, I was overjoyed. Living for others can make us happy and sad. We are the ones who decide how we spend our emotions and how we let those feelings affect us.

Try to sympathize with others in your life without changing your feelings.

Sometimes the people we love in our lives are not ready to change or think that change is not possible at the moment. If you allow yourself to experience how they feel, you may not be happy.

My husband is always out of the house…

This year has been very bad for me. I noticed that my husband spends most of his time outside the house. I am not lying. I was worried about him and his health. However, I reminded myself that this man constantly travels the world to help people live better and healthier lives, repair their possessions and live a safer life.When faced with such a situation, you may not be able to control your emotions properly, but you can still smile and change the situation in your favor.


You can think differently every period. You should also keep in mind that humans are very powerful and can control their emotions. Humans have a lot of power to change negative emotions and can transform these feelings into positive ones. Just change your mind. Think of yourself as a strong person.


The world around us is an interconnected world. In such a world, we can tell what other people are going to do at the moment. In order to have a happier life, you need to connect with others. You may face many emotional challenges over the years, but all of these challenges will lead you to happiness and joy . The Internet world also has its own abilities.

To be happy in the online world, remember the following .


If you look at people’s feeds in the online world, ask yourself: What makes me feel like that? If it makes you feel good, you can stay with that person. If communication with this person is bothering you, the best thing to do is to stay away from them.

Eliminate people from the following groups from your online life:

  • People who constantly share before and after photos with others.
  • People who constantly share their personal photos with others.
  • People who post millions of quotes about the comfort of life.

Who can you avoid to improve your happiness level?

Those decisions are up to you. It is up to you to decide who you will stay with and who you will enjoy. See how your online communications have affected your behavior. Can you tell which photos and posts you resent seeing? What photos and posts would you like to see more of?



Life is full of days of joy and sadness. You can’t always expect happy days ahead. Pain, sadness, anger, fear and guilt should not frighten you. These are not negative feelings. You have to accept these feelings and use them to achieve better feelings. You don’t have to fight your emotions.

The following four steps will help you overcome negative emotions more easily and experience more positive ones:

Step #1 – Find out your purpose

Don’t try to hide your feelings from yourself. Most people try to lie to themselves and ignore their negative feelings. This prevents you from making progress and keeps you where you are. The problem is exacerbated when you have no one to help you.

This will make you hide your feelings more than before. So the first step is expressing feelings.

Step 2: You have to know how you feel!

By understanding the feelings you have inside of you, you can learn why you are feeling these feelings:

  • Why is there such a problem?
  • What is the factor that makes your condition worse?
  • What emotional problems do you have?
  • What are you doing?

In the second step, you should understand your feelings. This will help you better prepare for the next step.

Step Three: Accept Your Feelings!

At this point, you have to come to terms with the feelings you are dealing with. See what effect it has on your happiness. This will help you get rid of these feelings faster than before.

Step #4 – Discover Your Purpose

After completing the previous three steps, you can let go of your feelings more easily. Keep moving. Use the four steps above to get rid of negative emotions. Oftentimes, events may have occurred in the past and these events have a significant impact on your activities and results.But keep in mind that feeling sad about the past doesn’t solve the problem. You are the one who has to step away from the past as a child and live in the moment you are.

Remember that no negative feeling is permanent and it will not be with you for the rest of your life. You can get rid of these negative feelings. There is nothing worse than having negative feelings. Try to distance yourself from these feelings. Pain is part of happiness.

Consider all the feelings you have and ask yourself: Can I turn these feelings into positive feelings?


If you look at others’ definitions of happiness,You will find that everyone has their own definition of happiness.

You are the one who should Define happiness for yourself, strive to achieve and maintain it as long as possible.

I live where I love, I live with the people I love, I do what I love, and I spend my personal and social life on things that make me happy. I have always been grateful for the life and the person that I am. This is my definition of happiness. If something goes wrong, I still try to do my best.If I lose something, I am still grateful for what I have and what I will get later.

So start today. Write down your definition of happiness. See how you can achieve such a position. Two years ago, I lived in a seven-room house. I now live in a 17-room house. am i happier no. I have more space in my house. But that doesn’t necessarily mean happiness for me.

The important thing is that the definition of happiness is something internal to me, but there are many who don’t think like me. Everyone has a different definition of happiness.I can be positive even in the darkest days of my life. Have you ever eaten carrots? If not, try it out. This may sound strange to you. What do you think when eating carrots or apples? Have you ever thought that you can enjoy eating carrots? I’m not joking. Even these simple feelings can improve your mood.

When I sit at the table with my family and eat with them, I think about how much energy carrots give me.

A simple seed that hides under the soil, is watered, fed with sunlight and eventually turns into a beautiful carrot. See how much energy is needed to produce a simple carrot? How many people were involved in the production of this carrot and tried to get it? When you eat something and think about its growth, you also realize the magic of life. The true magic of life is only for those who can feel it properly.


Control is nothing more than an illusion, and the more you want to control your life, the less happy you will be. People who look for external factors to be happy are less likely to find and keep them. If you accept that you do not have much control over the situation, you can increase your level of happiness.

There are many who are trying to understand and realize everything that is going to happen in their lives. The same way of thinking causes them stress, makes them tired and destroys their happiness. Wherever you go, you should feel happy. Remember that you can create a happy life for yourself. So why waste these days with bad and annoying feelings?

What are the things that can make you happy? How can you make yourself happier than before?

Jot down each day and write what you like about it. After a while, you will realize that the things I wrote in this paper have happened to you. The more positive you are and the more positive you write, the more positive things will happen to you.


Some time ago I realized that I am always a happy person. In this situation I paused and asked myself if all this happiness had any flaws for me. Let’s explore this in more detail.


I am a positive person and I believe that something unique will always happen to me. I will always love and be inspired by everyone I see in my life. However, I had to teach myself to analyze situations, to examine the activities of individuals and themselves. Such an opinion protects me and my work.


When you are overly optimistic about something, you have complete loyalty to it. Over the years, I’ve learned that loyalty has to be different than falling in love. Love should be unconditional, but loyalty should be built slowly towards the people who truly deserve it.


When you think of everyone and try to take care of all the people on earth, you may expose yourself to various damages. Be carefull. Try to be a good person, but also consider your security in life. Enjoying life leads to happiness, but remember that it is not happiness in itself.

Experts believe that happiness comes in two forms: relative and absolute.

Relative happiness isThe joy that comes from attachment. Now this attachment can be to a person, place, thing, ability or an idea. What we have.

On the other hand, absolute happiness is happiness that occurs independent of attachment. A kind of happiness that does not come from owning something special but from our understanding of the world around us.

Relative happiness is what we spend the most time achieving. Absolute happiness is harder, it takes more time and energy, but it is timeless.


We all know very well that happiness has a different meaning for every person. What happiness means to me may not mean it to you.

The important thing is that people can take advantage of every opportunityto create happiness. There are many things in life that can affect the level of happiness of human beings. You decide how to think and what you mean by happiness. Remember that happiness is not the point. It is a way of life that can make it easier to reach your goals.