What is Ray Tracing and what effect does it have on games?

Ray Tracing
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With the arrival of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series, beam tracking technology will become an integral part of games, but what is Ray Tracing and what effect does it have on games?


The support of new consoles for beam tracking technology means that we will soon see a major change in the gaming industry. But what exactly is Ray Tracing and what features does it add to games?

What is Ray Tracing?

PC gamers have had access to this technology for several years, and so far games such as Minecraft and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have used it effectively to cast shadows. And provide lighting in a more realistic way. But to run it, you will need powerful hardware. Follow us to learn all the points related to this technology. Of course, we will not go into the technical details and try to explain everything in simple language.

– What is Ray Tracing technology?

Beam interception

Retrying is a type of graphic processing that makes the game look more realistic. This technology finds each of the light sources inside the game world and presents their interaction with the environment in accordance with the real world and is based on shadows. This technology is actually something like the sun, and from the player’s point of view, it reflects light on all objects in a natural and correct way. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

– how it works?

Beam interception

But implementing such a thing requires a lot of processing power. To do this, a special algorithm must be used so that when the light source collides with different surfaces, it has a natural refraction or reflection, and then leads to realistic shadows and reflections. Theoretically, this technology can help make games look as real as the real world, but you will need a supercomputer to achieve the ideal.

However, it is not easy to calculate how light reacts to different levels, especially those with curvature, and it requires a lot of power, even when it is supposed to do so in real-time. ) be done.

Beam interception

As soon as you step into the game world, this technology must process light, and of course your computer must have the ability and power to do so. In recent years, these are the only PC owners who have had the opportunity to experience such a thing in the gaming world.

In the current generation of consoles, the hardware and processor of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have not been optimized to support such powerful software, but this will happen soon. If you have a mediocre or weak computer, you may be able to use this technology, but the game frame rate will be so low that it is almost impossible to do, and you will regret it.

– A not so new technology

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You’ve probably heard a lot about retrying in the last few years, and you might think it’s short-lived, but the fact is that the technology has been around since the late ’70s, although it wasn’t very noticeable at the time. But with the advent of computers, it became possible to use them in various projects, and gradually became more realistic in quality. In the past, the processing of scenes using this technology was so time consuming and expensive that it was never imagined that it could be used in the design of video games. Something that is now almost possible after five decades.

– Its effect on special effects (CGI)

Beam interception

You’ve seen Ray Tracing many times in your movies, though you may not have paid close attention to it. For example, in the final episodes of Star Wars, this technology made many computer sequences and various special effects look completely natural. Without retrying or if it is not used properly, you will notice the unreality of the scene from the very first moment.

Many other films and animations have used this technology, for example, Pixar Studios has used it in the animation of the University of Monsters, and the Iron Man costume thanks to this technology, which looks quite real. But you should note that for each of these sequences, hours are spent and such time is not available in the game, because there you are not watching a pre-made movie and retrying must be released in real time. Be.

– This technology is currently monopolized by a large company

Beam interception

This technology is currently only available through NVIDIA and is considered their trump card in the market. The GeForce RTX series of graphics cards from this company are designed exclusively to support retrying, and with these cards, you can get the best feedback from titles such as Minecraft or Modern Warfare. Of course, there are currently only a limited number of games on the market that use this technology, but in the world of consoles, there is currently no trace of this feature.

AMD, which is lagging behind, is also planning to produce a variety of graphics cards that support the technology, which could pave the way for further expansion of retrieval and help more people access it.

– Console games will soon benefit from this technology

Beam interception

Games that use retrieval on PCs are also available on consoles, but there is a graphical difference between these versions.

As mentioned above, current consoles do not have the hardware and software to implement this technology. Therefore, they have to use the process of rasterization to show the light in the game world in an approximate and approximate way. This will not slow down the processing speed and there will be no problem with the frame rate. But obviously the shadows produced by this process are not comparable to the light and shadow provided by the beam tracking support. The developers are aware of this, and most of the games currently under development will be designed in such a way that retrying can be added in the future.

– The effect of the unreal engine of the engine in its pervasiveness

Beam interception

This image was created by Unreal Engine 4.

Unreal Engine, one of the most popular gaming engines on the market, will soon provide you with many ways to use retry with various updates. This engine, which has been used in the construction of large games such as Fortnite , can make it easier for not only most manufacturers to use it, but also other engines to support it, if it makes it easier to use this technology. Take a step. Gradually, we will see that this technology becomes one of the permanent elements in making games.

– Its impact on the way you play

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Retrying is not just a graphical upgrade but can have an amazing effect on online and even single player games. Realistic shadows allow the player to see everything well in a dark environment, and reflections, on the other hand, create a new level of suspense in stealth titles. A realistic game can help you make better use of the environment. Shadows have always played an important role in shooting games, and in the near future, their impact will double.

– Its role in the war between consoles

Beam interception

Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X series consoles use graphics cards that support Ray Tracing. This year’s biggest game, Cyberpunk 2077, also uses this technology, and we are curious to see how this great work, along with this technology, works on next-generation consoles.

But how Microsoft and Sony use the technology and what frame rates they offer is crucial. A console that uses this technology more efficiently can undoubtedly be more successful.

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It remains to be seen which console is better optimized for hardware and can better deliver games that use this technology. Ray Tracing technology has come to survive and will play a vital role in the future of video games; Where the line between computer graphics and reality is blurred and not easily discernible.

Have you used beam tracking? Let us know what you think about this technology.

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