What is silicon? Learn about the properties of silicone for the body

What is silicon? Learn about the properties of silicone for the body

Silicon is known as a beautifying mineral and also has many benefits for human health. This substance can not only strengthen connective tissues and bones, but also is very useful in the care of nails, hair and skin. It also plays a very important role in preventing osteoarthritis, insomnia, skin disorders and tuberculosis. Silicon is the second most abundant element found in the earth’s crust and is one of the most important elements used in technology-related devices and semiconductors. Silicon is a vital mineral needed by the body to have strong and flexible joints, radiant skin and strong bones. This substance is present in the body in its derivatives, ie silicic acid or silanate. It should also be included in people’s diets because of its overall benefitsVitamin D increases glucosamine and calcium .

Symptoms of silicon deficiency in the body:

The symptoms of silicon deficiency in the body are very clear and will be closely related to the connective tissues. In addition to poor bone development, this type of deficiency causes thinning hair, broken nails, the formation of wrinkles and general aging of the skin.

Important sources of silicon:

The most important sources of silicon include apples, grains, legumes, raw cabbage, peanuts, carrots, onions, cucumbers, pumpkins, fish, whole grains, oats, almonds and oranges. Large amounts of this substance are found in hard water.

Properties of silicone for body health:

After oxygen, silicon is the most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. It is also present in clay and sand and forms a large part of rocks such as quartz and granite. Early in history, silicon was not considered an important material. However, with increasing research, the health benefits of this substance became clear.

Prevent bone deformation:

Studies show that silicon plays a very important role in helping calcium to grow and maintain joints and bones. This substance increases the amount of collagen (the protein part of the bones) causes the flexibility of the bones. Silicon also speeds up the healing of bone dislocations and fractures.

Maintaining the beautiful appearance of the skin:

Silicone prevents sagging skin and maintains the skin’s natural radiance. It also brightens the eyes. Silicone prevents various skin diseases.

Help with the healing process:

Silicone plays a very important role in protection against various diseases such as tuberculosis and other diseases related to the mucous membrane. It is also very useful in increasing the healing rate of fractures.

Prevent aluminum toxicity:

The findings show that high levels of aluminum are present in brain lesions such as Alzheimer’s. Silicone has been shown to prevent excessive absorption of aluminum in the gastrointestinal tract, which reduces the symptoms of aluminum toxicity.

Mucosal recovery:

The health benefits of silicone include the recovery of mucus from the respiratory tract, especially when your body is dehydrated.

Prevent broken nails:

Silicone plays a very important role in nail care. Silicone is also very important in improving the quality of nails and protecting them from breaking. This creates attractive and strong nails.

Help strengthen bones:

Silicone is essential for maintaining the body’s skeletal system. It increases the deposition of various minerals such as calcium in bone tissue.