What is true happiness and 6 habits to achieve it

What is true happiness and 6 habits to achieve it


What is true happiness and how to achieve it?

What is true happiness and how to achieve it?

Many researchers believe that by using the following six habits, we have the power to be happy. A real joy!

You have the power to be truly happy today. This is the saying of a group of researchers, psychologists and life educators who are revealing the secrets of true happiness.

They say that true happiness is much more than just a smile on the face. It is, in fact, the way we view the world. Happy people focus more on victories and small miracles than on problems, and instead of falling into fear and anxiety, they see good opportunities in every situation.

They have self-confidence in the face of adversity and live with a purpose. You too can enjoy this state of mind, even if you are currently frustrated in your life. If you are a pessimist or have been pessimistic for a long time, adopt and apply the following six habits:

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If many of us are asked what makes us happy and what are our chances of changing our circumstances, we say that we are happy to win the lottery, get a better job or lose weight.

William Felson, a physician and psychologist at Wake Forest University in Winston who studies happiness says: “In society, we think happiness is something that comes from outside and happens to us. But in reality, true happiness comes from within and depends on how you think about your life.”

Certainly external events and material things like a new car or a higher salary can make you feel happier; But these feelings are not permanent. You can change the way you think so that you feel calm and confident having lost weight, won the lottery or had an increase in salary or not.

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peace is a key to true happiness

Start by accepting this habit:Spend a few minutes a day alone and in silence. “The realities of modern life often lead us to think about troubling issues,” says Susan Willis, MD, a life coach. For example, you think about these things: what you should do today, what you said 5 minutes ago, or what you think about tomorrow’s phone call that you are worried about.

Quiet time will allow you to stop those noises and realize what really matters to you. Susan suggests setting your watch 10 minutes earlier than usual (before family members get up or the phone rings) and go to a quiet room.

Write something in your journal, do mind-altering breathing exercises, or light a candle and sit quietly. This exercise will help you find true happiness in two ways.

First, it inhibits the release of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. If these hormones are produced, you will become anxious, irritable and dissatisfied.

Second, practitioners of Buddhism and yoga believe that something interesting happens when you learn to silence these inner voices. When you are calm, the answer to the question ‘What makes me happy?’ “It defines itself.

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finding the good in your life leads to true happiness

Experts say that if you want to be truly happy, you have to get back to looking at the good in your life. Make a list of the five things you love and enjoy each day. You may enjoy sleeping on the sofa or cuddling your child, or you may be happy and grateful that you have time to dine with your spouse.

How you do this estimate is up to you. Some experts recommend writing these five things down before you go to bed. So you subconsciously fall asleep with a positive feeling. Others suggest that you check them on your mind before each meal. You can focus on 5 constant things each day or make a new list each day.

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treat yourself nicely to find true happiness

You cannot be happy if you talk to yourself in negative ways. “What you say to yourself affects your morals and your body,”  says Susan.

Negative thoughts cause stress hormones to be released and as a result you feel worse. Many of us have a series of harsh criticisms constantly running through our minds. If you are missing out on your chance to feel inner contentment and peace with this kind of talk, decide to talk to yourself as a good friend.

Decide to pay attention to your thoughts, and when you notice negative thoughts running through your mind, replace them with positive thoughts.


generosity is key to true happiness

generosity is key to true happiness

Some habits can lead you to true happinesssuch as generousity. Stephen Cobb says, “The Buddha said that if we understood the power of generosity to create true happiness, we would never eat alone.” He advises you to do more generous things.

We all have natural impulses to give. For example, it might happen to you that you invite one friend to dinner, call your old aunt, or have coffee with a co-worker.

You may make excuses that you don’t have the time or don’t want to spend money. But the next time one of these thoughts comes to mind, deal with it. Forgiveness brings joy to both the giver and the recipient. These good feelings can last for a long time.

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Finally, to be happy, you need to know your talents and use them every day. Many people spend their lives trying to overcome their weaknesses (traits such as irritability or extreme shyness).

Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, focus on your strengths. Notice what you do when you smile. Write a list of these happy moments for at least a week and read it the next day. Pick some of your happy moments and bring them with you to repeat them as often as possible