What time should we eat to lose weight?

What time should we eat to lose weight?

Adhering to a certain time frame can mean the difference between frustration and getting results.

If you are trying to maintain a stable weight or lose a few pounds, you may want to do something other than eat salad instead of hamburgers: New research shows that not only what you eat but also when you eat it can Increase your waist size or cause you to lose weight.

Researchers at the Seeker Institute tested about 400 mice and fed high-fat, high-sugar diets to obese and lean animals over a 9-, 12-, and 15-hour period (in other words, these mice only ate at that time). While all of these mice consumed the same number of calories, those who ate for longer periods of time gained more weight than those who had limited access to food.

Not eating at certain times of the day seems to affect the amount of calories stored or burned by the mice. These results even suggest that maintaining a restricted diet may help prevent diabetes and high cholesterol.

When the researchers saw these results, they performed another experiment on obese mice. They put those mice on a restricted 9-hour diet and found that in just a few days, the mice lost an average of 5 percent of their body fat, and by the end of the 38-week study, they had lost an average of 25 percent of their body weight. , Decreased.

Even assuming that, because this is an animal study, the results are not necessarily true for humans, but in 2007, a human study showed similar results. In this one, a group of adults who ate for a limited period of time lost more fat and gained more weight than the control group , who consumed the same number of calories distributed in three meals a day. They lost.

So if you are looking to maintain or even lose weight, you may want to try eating for a period of 9 or 12 hours.