What should we pay attention to when buying a tablet according to the type of consumption?
buying a tablet

What should we pay attention to when buying a tablet according to the type of consumption?

Smart tablets are produced and marketed for various purposes such as students, children’s tablets and professional tablets, but what should we pay attention to when buying a tablet?

The spread of the Corona virus, followed by home quarantine, telecommuting and e-learning, has increased the need for users to use smart devices. In the meantime, the small screen of the phone and the limitation of working with computers are among the reasons that have increased the supply and demand of smart tablets in the Iranian market more than before, and this variety of products in the market has confused some buyers.

In the continuation of this article, we try to examine the characteristics of tablets suitable for various uses, including student tablets, children’s tablets, and professional and engineering tablets. Paying attention to these features will save users from the confusion of buying the best tablet.

Important points to buy a tablet according to the type of consumption

What are the features of a good student tablet?

Today, virtual and online classrooms have become one of the concerns of students and even families, and choosing the right student tablet has added to this confusion. Given that mobile phones are excluded from the selection of this group of users due to their small screens, laptops, and home computers at a high price and low portability, the best solution is to use an efficient tablet with features that meet the needs of students.

The first thing that comes to mind when buying a student tablet is the purchase of cheap and at the same time quality products that can meet all the needs of a student.

In addition to the reasonable price, the need for a large screen for student use and ease of use is evident; Because the small screen of the mobile phone can not give the user a good sense of the book in hand. While displaying PDF files and reading texts on a small screen is often problematic, the user is usually forced to constantly zoom in on the image to make words larger and smaller, which does not create a pleasant user experience for a student.

On the other hand, this smart tablet, which is supposed to become a student book reading tool, must have a suitable standard for displaying images and text and guarantee the protection of the user’s eyes.

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In fact, sitting behind online classrooms for hours has its drawbacks, and the tablet in your hand needs to not tire or damage your eyes after watching the screen for a long time. Therefore, in some tablets on the market, such as Huawei products, we see the addition of the ability to reduce the blue light emitted from the screen and various display modes (such as eBook Mode) that allow the user to choose the best display mode according to the comfort of their eyes.

But another feature that is important for students to use is the simultaneous use of several different programs or the division of the screen into several parts; A feature that allows the student to easily take notes on another page, such as in the notes section, while listening to the lesson.

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Also, since turning on the webcam in some classes or virtual exams is essential, you will need a tablet that can provide a good image quality while having a selfie camera.

Finally, it should be said that according to the tablets available in the country’s market, among the Huawei product portfolio, suitable tablets can be found for student use. The tablet Huawei as tablets Mitt pad T8, tablet Mitt pad T10s and tablet Huawei MatePad T10 noted that the price affordable, feature a special display section for the convenience of the user’s eyes (as in Dark Mode and certification TÜV Rheinland) are .

It will also be very useful for students to be able to display two separate windows on the screen and work in two different environments through the Huawei App Multiplier feature.

Tips for buying a professional and high-end tablet for telecommuting

Home quarantine has led many people to resort to telecommuting. This has also led employees to always look for a tablet with the right features to do specialized work related to their job. More specialized use will definitely exceed expectations from a regular tablet.

Up-to-date and modern design is the first thing that will catch the eye of a technician; This is not only important in showing the prestige of work, but also facilitates the convenience of working with the tablet for long-term use.

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On the other hand, specialized applications require a processing system beyond a typical everyday tablet. Maybe you are an engineer or designer who needs a tablet with high processing power and graphics for your work.

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If we combine the two factors of reasonable price and high level performance, some Huawei tablets in our country’s market can be the best choice for specialized uses. For example, the Huawei MatePad Pro and Huawei MatePad 10.4 are among Huawei’s high-end tablets that can meet your business and telecommuting needs well.

High-quality widescreen display, precision stylus support that can record the text and designs you want with minimal delay, along with a high-capacity battery that can handle consecutive hours of work, are some of the features that can make you buy Encourage one of Huawei’s professional tablets .

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What to look for when buying a tablet for entertainment and games for children

One of the most sensitive things for families is to provide a tablet for children to play and entertain them. The tablet that is given to children should have high strength in addition to economic price.

Also, the expectation of a child from his tablet is significant and he needs to play the games he wants well on the tablet. In this case, it is necessary for the child tablet to be a product with suitable processing power and graphics for the execution of psychic games.

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However, constant play may also be harmful to the child’s eyes and cause damage to his eyes in the long run. Among the tablets suitable for children in the Iranian market, Huawei Tablets are one of the few products that have special features for children’s use, parental monitoring capabilities and user eye protection.

In this section, Huawei Mate Pad T8 and Huawei Mate Pad T10 can attract parents to provide special monitoring capabilities to parents in addition to the above. Thanks to these monitoring capabilities, parents can have precise control over the timing of use and even content that can be used on the tablet for their child.

In addition, the performance of a tablet like the MatePad T10s will save you from worrying about damage to your child’s eyes. The Huawei tablet’s six-layer screen protector, in addition to reducing the screen’s blue light and eye comfort when displaying warmer colors, also activates an alarm system on the tablet that stares at the screen for a long time or gets too close to the tablet. Inform the child and his / her parents about this issue by sounding the alarm.

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