Deleting users’ WhatsApp accounts was delayed for another two months

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Deleting users’ WhatsApp accounts was delayed

Apparently, the application of the new law and the deletion of users’ WhatsApp account has been postponed for another time and gives people more time to accept it.


If you remember, about a few weeks ago, a law was introduced by the creators of WhatsApp messengers, in which all users had to confirm the sharing of their information with Facebook; Otherwise, all of their deleted profiles will no longer be able to send messages.

In fact, this led many users to switch to other messengers such as Telegram and Signal, which made much less use of WhatsApp and reduced the number of active users.

Deleting a WhatsApp account if you do not accept the rules is final!

Delete WhatsApp account

However, according to the official announcement of the creators, now the last date for accepting the new WhatsApp law on connecting it to the Facebook account has been changed to May 15 and gives users a 2-month deadline. According to WhatsApp executives, if users do not agree with the new rules within the next two months, they will still be able to make calls or see notifications for a short time; But they can not send messages to other users or view incoming messages.

However, it is not yet clear how long this “short period” will actually last and when other people will not be able to use any of WhatsApp features; But the messengers’ list of rules states that “if a user does not accept the new WhatsApp rule, his account will be deactivated.” However, disabling the account for 120 days in WhatsApp messengers will lead to the deletion of the individual account.

Anyway, it seems that this time WhatsApp has a better way to express its wishes to users, but in any case, the deadline will be a certain time and then new rules will be implemented. It should also be noted that these rules will be available to users for reading soon and in a complete update to learn the details.

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