WhatsApp Punishment for Who Disagree New Privacy Policy

WhatsApp Punishment

WhatsApp Punishment

There was a controversial update to WhatsApp a while ago. Now, this software explains what happens if you do not agree to the new WhatsApp privacy policy.

It was in January that WhatsApp announced that users would have to agree to new terms and conditions regarding the software’s privacy policy. The news was met with widespread reaction from users. This made users think that Facebook would have access to the content they submitted. This may not be the case for WhatsApp, but it has been the case for Facebook messengers before, but has not received any feedback from users.

It should be noted that even after applying the new WhatsApp privacy policy, other software is no longer secure in accessing the content of your messages. However, after strong reactions and the transfer of users to software such as Telegram , the company owned by Facebook postponed the change. Initially, the new policy was supposed to be implemented from February 8, but now this date has been moved to May 15.WhatsApp New Privacy

Now what happens if we do not agree to the new terms and conditions of WhatsApp? Today, the company said that if you reject the new conditions after May 15, you will be able to receive calls, read messages and announcements for a few weeks, but you will no longer be able to send messages.

It is not clear what will happen after these few weeks, but according to the new WhatsApp policy, accounts that have been inactive for 120 days and have rejected the new conditions will probably be deleted. Contrary to popular belief, WhatsApp has been sharing metadata with Facebook for years, and the only new thing that will be added after the update is sharing transaction and payment data so that Facebook can use it. Offer better ads. Payments and transactions through WhatsApp are not available in many countries, so if you do not use this feature, do not worry about the new privacy conditions of WhatsApp.

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