Why is egg a perfect food for health
perfect food

Why is egg a perfect food for health

perfect food

The health benefits of eggs are greater than you might think. Many Americans have grown up believing that eggs are associated with clogged arteries due to their cholesterol content, and that eating them is certainly a way to promote cardiovascular disease.

Is this true? Researchers at Wake Forest University have reviewed some of the top scientific studies and found no link between egg consumption and heart disease .

In fact, many leading health professionals consider eggs to be a complete food. The egg white and yolk portion provides you with a full supply of essential vitamins, healthy fats, some minerals and other nutrients, as well as a complete but low-calorie package. In addition, a whole egg has only 27 calories. They are also easy to cook, a kind of healthy and easy natural food.

Here are 7 reasons to put eggs back on your menu:

Rapid recovery of moods

The good news: Eggs contain a beneficial combination of omega-3 fatty acids , zinc, B vitamins and iodine. Nutrients that work together to fight fatigue and improve bad moods. Tip: Do not be fooled by “outdoor” eggs. Chickens may still be sheltered in the barn.

Nutrition of the muscular system

The good news: Eggs are one of the best natural food sources, a package of muscle-protecting protein in a low-calorie diet. Vitamin B12 in eggs also helps with muscle contraction.

Tip: Do not be fooled by the natural word on egg packaging. Natural eggs can be derived from antibiotic- fed or genetically engineered chickens, two things that are prohibited in organic eggs.

Cancer protection

The good news: According to a new study, women who eat more choline, the nutrient found in eggs, are 24% less likely to develop breast cancer . One large egg contains about 30% of the recommended allowable choline.

Tip: Most choline is concentrated in the egg yolk, so make sure you have all the eggs in your omelet.

Brain food

The good news: Choline in eggs helps you have a more alert memory, while increasing the amount of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that helps your brain better remember information.

Eggs from grass-fed chickens also contain more omega-3 fatty acids, which help strengthen your brain.

Tip: Find a farmer who raises birds in the pastures and feeds on organic matter. Eggs from lawn chickens are rich in vitamin E, scientists believe, that they can prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Preservation of vision

The good news: Eggs are a rich source of antioxidants that help prevent corneal and cataract damage.

Tip: For a stronger eye protection, mix antioxidant-rich kale and spinach with your omelet.

Stay thin

The good news: a delicious way to lose weight !

Researchers at Louisiana State University found that obese people who chose eggs for breakfast at least five days a week for breakfast lost 65 percent more weight. Scientists at St. Louis University have found that eating eggs in the morning leads to eating fewer calories for the rest of the day.

Note: The Society for the Welfare of Animals and Approved Eggs has banned the feeding of chickens with antibiotics.

Prevent the extinction of chickens

The good news: You can help preserve old chicken breeds based on the eggs you choose. Industrial agriculture generally uses one or two different species of poultry, which threatens the diversity of gene types. Fortunately, the demand for hereditary species’s eggs fluctuates with other species that are extinct or in danger of extinction.

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